Game Over (Alaskan Sabears #2)(3)

By: Becca Van

“I’m fine,” Tammy remembered to answer and forced a smile.

“That’s a lie.” Celeste sat down in the chair next to her.

Tammy shrugged and she glanced away.

“Do you want me to go and shove my foot up their asses?”

Tammy snorted and then giggled. Leave it to Celeste to make her laugh for real. “No, but thanks for offering.”

“They love you, you know.”

Tammy shook her head and blinked the tears that stung the back of her eyes away.

“They do. I don’t know why they’re holding back, but they watch you with such longing in their eyes.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Tammy sighed.

“Bullshit!” Celeste shoved to her feet, her expression set in determination, and she walked quickly toward the steps.

“Please?” Tammy whispered.

Celeste turned to face Tammy. “You’re hurting. What sort of friend would I be if I didn’t do something about that?”

“I don’t want them coming to me because someone forced them to.”

“I don’t think—”

“Please, Celeste, just keep out of it.”

Celeste sighed and nodded as she pulled Tammy into her arms. Even though Celeste was average height standing at around five foot seven, she towered over Tammy. Tammy was five foot two, and though she wasn’t svelte like Celeste, she wasn’t fat either. She had more muscles because of her shifter DNA, and she had curves. Her breasts weren’t huge, but since she was so short, they looked bigger than they actually were. She was a C cup and a healthy size eight. Her waist dipped in but her hips looked too wide. Her thighs were muscular, and though they weren’t bulging or odd looking, Tammy hated her legs. Maybe, Hopper and Phelan didn’t find her attractive either. Maybe they thought she wasn’t feminine enough.

She was also in heat and wondered if Hopper and Phelan were, too. She didn’t understand how they could keep their distance from her when everything inside of her was clamoring for their touch, their kisses, their bites. She had no idea what had triggered it, but didn’t think she would ever get any relief. A hysterical bubble of laughter formed in her chest when she wondered if someone could go insane because they were horny. Maybe it would be a blessing if she did go off her tree. If she was insane, maybe she wouldn’t recognize Hopper and Phelan anymore and she’d get some peace—in a convoluted way.

Every time she saw them from a distance her body lit up like a firework’s display on the Fourth of July. Her breasts felt as if they’d grown half a cup size and she’d resorted to wearing padded bras to hide her prominent nipples. Whenever she’d seen them walking toward her, she’d spun on her heel and hurried away. She was constantly wet and changed her panties at least three to four times a day. Tammy felt as if her skin was crawling with ants and the ache in her womb and pussy was almost constant now.

She’d managed to thwart them and hide in her room for hours on end whenever they were in her house, but she knew things were going to come to a head real soon.

Tammy just wasn’t sure she wanted to find out the answers that had been plaguing her for years. If they rejected her she would be heartbroken.

She pushed her thoughts aside when she heard Celeste sigh.

“Are you going to come and help at the resort?” Celeste asked.

“Yeah. I’ll be there in about half an hour. I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee or breakfast yet.”

Celeste nodded as she drew back from Tammy. “Take your time, sis. I don’t want you passing out because you didn’t have any fuel in ya.”

Tammy snorted and looked down her body. “No chance of that.”


“Don’t what?”

“Don’t start putting yourself down just because they have their heads up their asses. You are gorgeous, Tammy. I would love to have your curves.”

Tammy just nodded to appease Celeste and knew she’d succeeded when her friend smiled, waving at her as she hurried away.

Everyone in Savoonga had agreed to Celeste’s suggestion of opening a motel, restaurant, and bar to bring in more tourists. The outside of the building was complete and the contractors Celeste had hired were working on the inside. Her friend was footing the bill for all the expenses, but had told everyone at the meeting that any profits would be shared out between all the families living in Savoonga. Celeste had the biggest heart and she loved her like a sister. Tammy had been ecstatic when Celeste had agreed to mate with her brother and Hodge. She’d also married Hodge in a civil ceremony in her parent’s living room.