Game Over (Alaskan Sabears #2)(4)

By: Becca Van

She’d never forget how beautiful Celeste had looked in her wedding gown, or how happy she, Tarik, and Hodge had been, and still were.

Tammy felt like a bitch for being envious of them, but she’d never say or do anything that would hint them in on how she was feeling.

She shoved to her feet and walked inside, glad that her mom, Jenny, and her two dads, Royal and Talon, were already at the resort. She didn’t have to pretend she was happy when there was no one else around. With another sad sigh, she began to fix her breakfast.

Phelan glanced toward the door when he caught Celeste’s scent drifting toward him on the breeze coming through the open door. Celeste glanced toward him and scowled before changing direction to the opposite side of the room where her mates, Tarik and Hodge, were sanding back the Gyprock. He turned his gaze toward Hopper when he nudged Phelan’s arm.

“Did you see that scowl?”

“It was hard to miss,” Phelan murmured his reply, hoping that none of the other men or Celeste heard him.

Tarik, the alpha of their stealth, or pack, frowned at them before smiling down at his mate. Phelan sighed and turned away when Tarik took Celeste into his arms and started kissing her.

“Do you think Tammy will accept our claim on her?” Hopper asked.

“I fucking hope so,” Phelan snapped. He was finding it harder and harder to keep his anger at bay. Ever since Tammy had been hurt by the rogue wolf shifter stalking Celeste, his emotions had been all over the place. It had only been two weeks since that horrifying incident, but it felt more like two years.

Phelan had never been so scared or angry when he’d seen Tammy’s bruised face. He’d wanted to go after the fucker that had hurt her, but his concern for her had won out over revenge, and Tarik and Hodge had already been after the prick since he’d been carrying Celeste over his shoulder.

His little spitfire of a mate hadn’t fought him or Hopper like she usually did, and that had told him she was hurting more than she was letting on. She hadn’t even protested when Phelan had lifted her into his arms. Although he wouldn’t change what he’d done, touching her had been a big mistake. Ever since that fateful day, he and Hopper had been fighting the mating heat, as well as their inner animals’ ire. His sabear wouldn’t stop pushing at him from the inside, trying to assert its dominance so it could mark and claim its mate, and he knew Hopper suffered just the same. Phelan wanted to do that more than he wanted to take his next breath, but within a couple of hours, Tammy had been avoiding them as if they had the plague.

Phelan had been surprised that the mating heat had taken hold since he and Hopper had touched Tammy platonically before. He mulled over the situation in his mind and the only hypothesis he had been able to come up with was that the lust for his mate had been triggered because she’d gotten hurt. All of his animal and his human protective instincts had been triggered, as well as the desire to claim his woman.

Phelan sighed and ran his fingers through his hair with frustration. He wasn’t sure how much more he could endure before his sabear wrested control from him and did the unthinkable. Like, claim his mate without her permission.

“We have to get her alone,” Hopper said.

Phelan nodded his agreement. “The question is how? She does everything she can to avoid us. How the hell are we supposed to explain why we let her go when she won’t let us within a hundred yards of her?”

Hopper shook his head, turned back to the wall they were sanding, and took his aggression out on the filler. He stopped and met Phelan’s gaze again. “We sneak into the house and kidnap her.”

“We can’t fucking do that, Hopper. Are you fucking crazy? Roy and Talon would sever our heads, and Tarik would just stand back and watch.”

“What would I watch?” Tarik asked.

“Shit!” Phelan glanced over his shoulder to meet Tarik’s gaze.

“What are you two up to?” their alpha asked.

Before Phelan or Hopper could answer, Tarik lifted his nose into the air, his nostrils flaring as he sniffed. “How long have you been in heat?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Hopper muttered.

“Like fuck it doesn’t. If you’re in heat then Tammy probably is, too. Now answer the fucking question.”