Game Over (Alaskan Sabears #2)(70)

By: Becca Van

“I love you, Tammy,” Phelan said just before he began to press his hard dick into her cunt.

“I love you, too,” she gasped out and pushed down over his cock, taking him all the way inside. She tried to rise up again, but Phelan held her still, his hands on her hips.

“Take a deep breath for me, sweetheart,” Hopper said as he caressed over her back.

She took a breath and held it when he began to press his hard cock into her ass.

Tammy moaned, the breath leaving her lungs and then she sighed when she felt Hopper’s pelvis pressed against her ass. She was so full. Full of her mates’ cocks and full of emotion. Love flowed from her heart and into her veins.

There would be no more games unless they were ones of their choosing to keep the spice in their lives.

“Move,” she ordered as she wriggled her hips, smiling when both her mates groaned.

She only had time to take a breath and then they began to move.

The joy in her heart swelled as Phelan and Hopper pumped their hips, gliding their cocks in and out of her pussy and ass at the same time. One second she was almost empty and the next she was so full she wondered if she’d burst.

She gasped and groaned, as they surged in and out of her body, faster, deeper, and harder until their bodies were slapping against hers.

Liquid desire pooled low in her belly and then coursed through her veins. The pressure and tension began to build, causing the coil to tighten.

Tammy was happy and complete, between her mates, the loves of her life as they made love to her.

Her legs began to tremble, her internal walls began to ripple, but she held on. She didn’t want to climax without her mates.

Phelan slanted his mouth over hers, his tongue delving deep as he tasted all she had to give. Tammy kissed him back hungrily, sending her love to her men through the bond.

Every muscle in her body grew tauter until she felt as if they were about to snap, but still, she held off.

Hopper cupped and kneaded a breast and then pinched first one nipple and then the other sending shards of pleasure shooting down to her womb and clit.

She rocked her hips in sync with theirs, clenching them with her internal muscles, hoping to take them with her.

Just as she reached the pinnacle, Phelan and Hopper bit deep into the crook of her shoulder and neck.

Tammy screamed as she toppled over the edge.

Her pussy and ass clamped down hard around their pistoning cocks, before releasing and clenching down again as she flew to the stars.

Phelan shouted as he surged deep into her cunt, grinding his hips against hers and he, too, came.

Hopper made a deep growly sound as he shoved into her ass as he reached orgasm.

Their cocks jerked and juddered, cum spumed deep into her pussy, womb, and ass. She moaned each time their dicks pulsated, drawing out her own climax.

She loved Phelan and Hopper so much her heart hurt. She was looking forward to whatever life threw their way with them by her side.

Even though they’d had a lot to sort out and she’d wondered if she’d ever be mated with them, she should have known fate would win in the end.

It was game over and she was happy that they’d all come out as the victors.