Gummy Bears & Grenades

By: Charlie Cochet

THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley can’t wait to marry his fiancé, Team Leader Sloane Brodie, but first he’s looking forward to celebrating his bachelor party—which he intends to be a shenanigans-free evening of getting his groove on with family and friends.

Of course events don’t work out as planned, but for Dex that’s nothing new. One thing is for sure, dodging drug dealers and hired thugs amid booze, dancing—and even a bear costume—will guarantee it’s a night Dex will never forget. Now he just needs to survive all the fun.

Enjoy this bonus story from the THIRDS universe. These events occur between Darkest Hour Before Dawn and Tried & True in the series timeline. While reading this story would enhance your experience of the THIRDS series, it is not essential to read before Tried & True.


Action. Humor. Romance.

THIRDS exists to uphold the law for Humans and Therians without prejudice.

During the Vietnam War, biological warfare spread the Melanoe virus, infecting millions worldwide and changing the course of human history forever. The vaccine, Eppione.8, created using strains from animals immune to the virus, activated a dormant mutation within the virus that altered human DNA and gave birth to a new species: Therians.

In an attempt to restore social order, the US government put new regulations and laws into place, along with a Therian branch of government. In 1990, Human and Therian legislators launched the Therian-Human Intelligence, Recon, Defense Squadron, aka the THIRDS, now a worldwide organization. An elite, military-funded agency, THIRDS units are comprised of an equal number of Human and Therian agents.

But THIRDS agents are more than a team—they’re a family through thick and thin, and along the way, some find true love. While every day brings dangers and challenges, one thing will never change: standing up for what you believe in and protecting the people you love is never optional.

To everyone who’s joined me on this amazing adventure. Thank you.


(YOU’LL FIND these cast members throughout the THIRDS series, some being introduced in different books. This list will continue to grow.)


Sloane Brodie—Defense agent. Team Leader. Jaguar Therian.

Dexter J. Daley “Dex”—Defense agent. Former homicide detective for the Human Police Force. Older brother to Cael Maddock. Adopted by Anthony Maddock. Human-Therian Hybrid.

Ash Keeler—Defense agent. Entry Tactics and Close Quarter Combat expert. Lion Therian.

Julietta Guerrera “Letty”—Defense agent. Weapons expert. Human.

Calvin Summers—Defense agent. Sniper. Human.

Ethan Hobbs—Defense agent. Demolitions expert and Public Safety Bomb Technician. Has two older brothers: Rafe and Sebastian Hobbs. Tabby tiger Therian.

Cael Maddock—Recon agent. Tech expert. Dex’s younger brother. Adopted by Anthony Maddock. Cheetah Therian.

Rosa Santiago—Recon agent. Crisis negotiator and medic. Human.


Lieutenant Sonya Sparks—Lieutenant for Unit Alpha. Cougar Therian. Undercover operative for TIN (Therian Intelligence Network).

Sergeant Anthony Maddock “Tony”—Sergeant for Destructive Delta. Dex and Cael’s adoptive father. Human.


Dr. Hudson Colbourn—Chief medical examiner. Wolf Therian.

Dr. Nina Bishop—Medical examiner. Human.


Ellis Taylor—Team Leader for Beta Ambush. Leopard Therian.

Rafe Hobbs—Team Leader for Alpha Ambush. The oldest Hobbs brother. Tiger Therian.

Sebastian Hobbs—Team Leader for Theta Destructive. Was once on Destructive Delta but was transferred after his relationship with Hudson ended in a breach of protocol and civilian loss. Middle Hobbs brother. Tiger Therian.

Dominic Palladino—Defense agent. Close Quarter Combat expert for Theta Destructive. Human.

Angel Herrera—Defense agent. Pilot and BearCat driver for Theta Destructive. Human.

Osmond Zachary “Zach”—Agent for Alpha Sleuth in Unit Beta. Has six brothers working for the THIRDS. Brown bear Therian.

West Delray—Recon agent for Theta Destructive. King cheetah Therian.