By: Liberty Parker & Darlene Tallman


We want to dedicate “Hatchet” to everyone who fell in love with the men and women of the Rebel Guardians. We had so much fun writing the first book and it has blown our minds at how well it has been received. We hope y’all enjoy Hatch and DJ’s story.

~ Liberty and Darlene


As authors, we pour our blood, sweat, tears and laughter into each and every line. But we don’t do it alone. We’ve got a serious #Tribe behind the both of us and it’s humbling and amazing that the words that we’ve written have been enjoyed by so many. We want to thank Nicole Lloyd for her tireless promoting of our books, especially Braxton. Her commitment ensured that folks found that book and the words in the reviews we’ve read have kept us going. We also couldn’t do this without our beta girls who proof and edit every word we write. Melanie, Beth, Jenni, Kat, Joanne and Shannon, y’all make us look good and we can never thank you enough for all that you do. Vera Quinn, your willingness to put aside what you’re working on to proof for us is invaluable. We both treasure your friendship greatly. Daverba Ortiz, you’re another shining star to us. You promote the books, you post the banners in various contests and your enthusiasm for what we’ve started also keeps us going. Lastly, we’ve got the absolute, hands-down, best cover designer in the world. Tracie Douglas of Dark Water Premades has some of the prettiest covers and I love seeing our words wrapped up in something she created. We love all of y’all to pieces.

~ Liberty & Darlene


Jayden “Hatchet” Hatcher is the Enforcer for the Rebel Guardians MC. He hides his past behind jokes, and will do anything for the brothers he has now. Life is good with easy women and plenty of fun. Until she walks into the barbeque that fateful summer weekend.

Donna Jo “DJ” Feldman is a single mom to Ralynn. On her own since she found out she was pregnant, she has a handful of people she trusts implicitly, including her best friend, Caraleigh Jensen. When she goes to visit Cara and meets the man they call Hatch, she realizes that life is too short not to reach for the brass ring.

What started out as a bit of fun soon turns into so much more for the two of them. But Hatch has unknown skeletons and when they come calling, will what DJ feels for him be enough? Can they survive with the love they have for one another and with their Rebel Guardians family at their back?

* *Author’s Notes**

This book is intended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and adult situations. Please also note that the brothers in the RGMC call Braxton “Axe” but the women call him “Braxton.”



Six years ago

“It’s just not working for me anymore, Jayden,” I say as I continue to pack my bags.

“What do you mean by ‘not working’? I’m home every night, I give you whatever you want. Hell, I bought a cage because you hated riding my bike!” he growls out.

“It just isn’t, okay?” Damn, if he keeps pressing me, I’ll cave and while I know I love him, I’m not ‘in love’ with him, not like I always dreamed I would be. But we’re too young for me to saddle him with this so it’s better to break it off now.

He huffs out a breath in exasperation and looks at me. “I was going to ask you to marry me, Anniston. Did ya know that?”

“No...no I didn’t, but, Jayden, it doesn’t matter because we’re both too young to get tied down for the rest of our lives. I want to finish college and you’re going off to ‘be the best you can be’, so what kind of life would that be for me?” I know I’m being a bitch to him, I could try to make us work, but this isn’t the life I signed up for or envisioned myself living.

Once again, he huffs. I can see his frustration is mounting and I hate it, I really do. I sound like a selfish, spoiled little bitch, but once he’s had a chance to get past this, I know he’ll be some woman’s greatest love. It just won’t be me.

“Look, Jayden, sometimes people's feelings change, I don’t want you saddled down with a woman who’s settling.”