Just a Good Old

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

The Battlefield Series 4

Fashioned Love Story

The Battlefield Series 4: Just a Good Old-Fashioned Love Story

A year after newlyweds Amber and Gabe have a daughter, Gabe is killed serving his country. The tragedy affects Amber so deeply she has no choice but to leave her family and a small town that constantly reminds her of the loss she battles every day.

Winding up in Repose, Texas could be a blessing, but being surrounded by men who remind her of Gabe and all the things she lost makes the constant pain continue. Despite this, she makes some good friends and begins feeling an attraction to men she should stay clear of. Thing is, she’s always had a big heart, so her friendly ways and helpful attitude, despite her struggling financially to make ends meet as a single mom, snag their attention and make sparks fly.

When her family asks her to return home and her dead husband’s best friend comes looking for trouble, will the four men she has been trying to push away prove to her that this attraction is real and that love has a way of healing all battle wounds?


Dear readers,

Thank you for purchasing this latest edition to the Battlefield series. A Good Old-Fashioned Love Story was created with the idea that true love comes in many forms. No matter who is involved, or what problems, incidents, barriers, or people stand in the way of true love, the strongest get through that battle. Why is that any different than boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy and girl get married?

Life is a battlefield, and even in the midst of sorrow, scars, bad experiences, or trust issues, anything can happen. Especially, in the town of Repose. So may you enjoy a good old-fashioned love story, “Dixie Style.”

Happy reading.




“I can’t get over how big Ella has gotten,” Amber’s mom said to her and smiled. Ella was sitting on the floor in her mom’s living room playing with some blocks and other toys her parents had purchased for her. Amber smiled.

“I can’t believe she’s going to turn two in a week,” Amber replied as she watched her baby girl and thought how much she looked like her daddy.

She felt her mom’s hand cover hers.

“We miss both of you. Everyone does.”

“I know, Mom. I miss you all, too, and I miss living in Cambridge, but it’s just the way it has to be.”

“Why, baby? Why can’t you move back here? We have the room, and can renovate the loft above the garage if you don’t want to live here in the house with us.”

Amber exhaled. She thought she wouldn’t have to keep defending the move, the need to be away from all the things that reminded her of Gage on a daily basis. It was easier this way, and she was healing just fine on her own.

“Mama, come on now. We talked about this.”

Her mom exhaled and looked down at Ella who yawned. Amber smiled. It was just about nap time for her. She thought about her new home in Repose and the friends she’d made. It would be so difficult to leave there. Cambridge just wasn’t her home anymore, and she couldn’t see herself trying to live around here again with people feeling sorry for her and some even trying to direct her life. She was doing just fine in Repose, for now.

She walked over to Ella and knelt down on the rug. “You tired, little angel? Want a botsie and a nap?” Amber asked and Ella reached up for her to pick her up. Amber smiled, pulled Ella up into her arms, and Ella immediately laid her head on Amber’s shoulder.

“She’s sweet as can be. You’re a great mama, Amber,” her mom said to her. Amber smiled, feeling tears reach her eyes. As much as Amber liked to feel like she was so independent and needed to handle everything on her own, it was still nice, and appreciated, to hear her mom’s compliment. She started heading toward the kitchen to make a bottle before laying Ella down for a nap when she heard the front door open. She glanced toward the front door as she walked into the large, open kitchen. Her dad walked into the house, apparently with company as several other voices accompanied him. Amber turned around to see two men. One was dressed in a sheriff’s uniform, and the other was wearing blue jeans, a blue button-down shirt, and wearing a Stetson down low, hiding his face.