Keeping Kyler

By: Siobhan Davis

Chapter One


James and Alex are screaming at one another as I ascend the stairs toward her bedroom with a heavy heart. What I’m here to tell them is only going to heighten emotions further. The door is ajar, and I push it the rest of the way open. I know things have sunk to a new low when they don’t even attempt to stop arguing for my sake.

“Stop!” I yell, projecting myself in between them. James is glaring at his wife with unrestrained hatred.

I understand it.

I would be furious, too, if my spouse had lied to me for years and I’d only just discovered the son I love with all my heart is not my biological child. Alex’s tear-stained face showcases her distress, but she’s not blameless.

She knew what she was doing when she deliberately lied to her husband.

I can empathize, to a point. She predicted James would make a far better father for Kyler, and she lied to give her child the best possible start in life. She was thinking selflessly on the one hand but so selfishly on the other.

She didn’t properly consider James in all this.

How devastating it would be for him to discover she’d deceived him for years. Now, he’s questioning everything, and I don’t think their marriage can survive this.

“Ky overheard you. He knows,” I admit bluntly, because there’s no way to sugarcoat something like this. “And he’s gone. He left me this.” I thrust the crumpled note at Alex.

With trembling hands, she smooths it out and starts reading. She whimpers, and more tears leak out of her eyes. “Oh, no!”

“Let me see that.” James snatches the letter from her hands, frowning as he reads. A muscle pops in and out of his jaw. “Do you see what you’ve done?!” He crushes the letter in his fist, shaking it at his wife. “You have driven him away. You did this.” A ferocious glint shines in his eyes. “If he feels anything like I do, then he’s in the worst pain imaginable. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself, Alexandra. You certainly should be.” His chest rises and a strangled sound travels up his throat. “I will never forgive you for this, and there is no coming back from it. We. Are. Done.”

She nods in sad resignation. “I understand, but that’s not important right now. Finding our son is.”

James massages his temples before turning grief-stricken eyes on me. “Do you have any ideas where he might go?”

I’ve spoken to Kal about this already. The latest sordid family secret has knocked him for six, and he was in a bit of a daze when we talked, but he agrees with me. While I know Ky likes going to the lake to think, he won’t go there now. It’s too obvious. He wants to be left alone, and I doubt if he even knows where he’s headed. “I honestly don’t know. But, at some point, he’s going to want to talk to his older brothers about his, um, bio dad, so I’d start by contacting Kaden and Keven.”

I pull my phone out of the back pocket of my jeans and check it for the umpteenth time. Ky still hasn’t responded to the multitude of messages I’ve sent. Sighing, I put my phone away again. I know he’s hurting, but I can’t believe he left without talking to me.

I thought we’d moved beyond that.

And if anyone understands what he’s going through, it’s me. I’ve only just discovered that I have a different dad, too.

Ky held me in his arms while I read my mum’s letter. Comforted me as I struggled to come to terms with every disturbing revelation, but he hasn’t afforded me the same opportunity, and one part of me is seething that he’s shutting me out like this. Throwing the “I’m not worthy” card at me.

As if.

I hate the thought of him dealing with all this by himself which is why I’m determined to find him. To support him as he’s supported me. James is lifting the phone to his ear when I start backtracking. “I’m going to see if Brad has any suggestions.” I walk toward the door.

James bobs his head, while Alex sits on the chaise longue with her head in her hands. “Let me know what he says.”

I run down the stairs and all the way to Kal’s room. I don’t bother announcing my presence before I barge inside.