King Sized Beds and Happy Trails

By: Becca Ann & Tessa Marie

Chapter 1


Mrs. Sean Dixon.

I draw a big fat X through it. After watching Sandy Mc-Slut-ster shove her tongue down Sean’s throat, all my fantasies went up in flames just like the anger inside of me. That conceited, good-for-nothing bitch knew exactly what she was doing. Her heart is darker than my Black Onyx nail polish.

She stopped right in front of me while I sat waiting for my ride, and yanked Sean’s face to her overly made up one, then practically inhaled it. I bet she heard the rumors that Sean planned on asking me to the winter formal.

God forbid she let her arch enemy get the one thing she desired most. It’s not fair though. I’ve waited, watching him from a distance for the past two years, analyzed every single gesture he’s made and every word he’s ever said to me.

Unfortunately being the daughter of the town drunk doesn’t exactly scream, “Look at me! Aren’t I sexy?”

I slam my notebook shut just as Ryan snatches it out of my hands. “Hey, give that back!” I jump up from the bench outside school and bounce up and down. It’s no use. My best friend’s arm is too far out of my reach. Even though I’m 5’7, Ryan towers over me.

He should know better than to mess with me. I’m the one girl who knows more about him than anyone else. So I take advantage and go right for his weak spot, tickling the place where his arm bends at his elbow.

Muscles tighten and his shirt stretches tight against his bicep. A loud laugh erupts from his mouth, hand falling to his side. “Cheater!” he yells, and I grab my notebook from his hands.

“Winner,” I correct him and cock a smile.

He shakes his head, dirty blond hair short yet messy sways with his movements. Dark eyes lower to mine, eyebrow arched. “If you say so.” His arm reaches out, trying to get the notebook back, but I’m too quick. I turn away, but he’s faster this time. I’m swept into his arms, and the world spins around me.

There’s no use fighting it. I hold on and enjoy the ride. When he comes to a stop and places me back on the ground, both of us unsteady on our feet, he smiles his big Ryan smile.

He points toward his car. “You ready? Nate and Kaylee are already in the car. He has a deck of cards though, so he can keep her occupied with magic tricks for the next two days.” Through the window I see the top of Nate’s fedora, his head bent down over Kaylee who is cuddled into his side.

I glance at my wrist as if I’m wearing a watch. “I’ve only been waiting for like twenty minutes.” I scrunch my nose and give him my best “mean” face even though Ryan tells me it makes me look constipated.

He rubs the back of his neck. “Sorry I got held up in Auto Shop. We were removing an engine from a 1972 Dodge Dart.”

I stare down at my black nails—no chips—and back at Ryan. “And if I knew what that was I might be impressed.”

His mouth drops open, long arms fly up. “Have I taught you nothing? I’m embarrassed you’re my best friend.”

Of course I know what a Dodge Dart is. I know more about cars than I’ve ever wanted to know. But Ry loves them, so when he talks for hours on end about classics versus modern and fuel injection versus carburetion, I listen.

“Now you know how I’ve felt for the past ten years.”

His eyes widen, forehead creases, and I bend my legs, ready to run. “Oh really!” he says and leaps at me with his tickle fingers. I take off toward the car, laughing so hard I have to stop to hold my sides.

I glance up, and there in all her slutty glory is Sandy sliding into Sean’s car. The vision of Sean’s face sears my heart. How could I be so stupid? I’m a nobody, and he’s charming and mega hot, but I believed in fairytales, and he was my Prince Charming. Should have listened to Mom all those years ago when she told me fairytales were child’s play.

Ryan stops walking. “What’s wrong?” Already dark eyes darken more as concern etches at the corners, tension pulling tight.

For a second I forget about Sandy’s blatant display of affection. Ryan does that to me. He’s the only one that can make me forget about my shitty life. I turn away, afraid I’ll cry. A gentle hand rests on my shoulder. “Lex…” His voice drifts into my ears like a familiar song. Slowly he turns me until I’m looking into the soft brown eyes of the boy who always catches me when I fall.