Kiss Cam(2)

By: Kiara London

“I hope the splatter is so violent that chunks hit you,” I deadpan, and Allison squawks her disapproval of my word choice while Jasper cracks up.

Meanwhile, Lenny mixes together the pickles, lime Jell-O, and whatever else is on his tray. Having gained confidence now that the camera is on, he begins talking smack and placing bets on how much he can eat.

There are two things one should know about Lenny. First, he can’t say no to anything. Second, he’s the easiest person to make laugh. The first one is relevant in this case.

“Just don’t eat it,” Allison whines, shielding her eyes behind her hand. I glance at her and laugh a little, thinking the only strong thing about this girl is her jawline.

“Twenty bucks I can eat all of it,” Lenny barters, ignoring Allison’s pleas. “Thirty if I can keep it down.”

“Deal,” Jasper chuckles, and then sprinkles ground croutons over the slimy and very chunky food combination.

Lenny leans down to take a whiff of the concoction but pulls back quickly, trying not to make a face. “Well, that doesn’t smell poisonous at all.”

“I’m sure it doesn’t,” Jasper comments, and then charmingly adds, “Juniper, darling, could you show the camera how absolutely revolting that looks?”

“Juniper, darling . . . ,” I mumble under my breath, and give him the stink-eye while I accept the camera from him.

Lenny leans back while I scoot forward and bring the lens right up to the slightly green and watery mixture. The pickles, peaches, and fruit snacks make it extra chunky and colorful, while the Jell-O has been mushed into slime. It looks the same way it’s going to look when it comes back up.

“Would you eat this for twenty bucks?” I ask the camera with a grimace. “I wouldn’t.”

Jasper snatches the camera away from me and looks up at Lenny. “On the count of three you have to eat all of that for twenty bucks. Keep it down and it’s thirty.” Lenny nods and lifts his plastic spoon, looking nervous but still wearing a goofy smile for the camera. “One. Two . . . Three!”

I have to look away when Lenny dives spoon-first into the hearty-style peach-mayo-and-more soup. Like Allison, I can’t watch him take that first bite, swallow, gag a little, and push forward. Unlike Allison, I sneak tiny peeks at Lenny, who struggles to spoon another glob into his mouth.

It proves to be too disgusting to watch, though. He spits up a little, and I shield my eyes while Jasper cheers. Lenny lurches forward like he’s going to puke, and I ram into Allison to get into the splatter-free zone while Jasper closes in on him.

In the end, he eats it all.

“That was the grossest thing I’ve ever done next to eating those worms a couple years ago,” Lenny moans, and buries his face in his arms to let the challenge try to settle.

Jasper’s eyes light up, and he laughs. “Hey! I filmed that, too! Good times.”

“Is it over?” Allison asks, hesitantly removing her hands from her eyes and peeking over at Lenny’s blond head, red face concealed by his arms. Looking around, I can see we’ve attracted the attention of other students. Some of our peers are actually leaning across their tables to see if he’ll spew.

“I might throw up,” Lenny admits after a couple of minutes. “I feel sick.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Allison snaps back, and drops her hands down on either side of her tray. “You guys are so gross.”

Jasper and I share a look across the table, hiding smiles. She’s always in a foul mood when one of us is doing something stupid. I think she takes the hit for all the embarrassment none of us ever seem to feel.

After a few more minutes of filming Lenny groaning and bellyaching, Jasper decides to end the video.

Turning the camera around to face himself, Jasper salutes the audience, saying, “Well, folks, this is what we got up to today. So, stay out of the way. We’re vlogging here.”

Just as he presses the off button, Lenny blows chunks all over my new boots.

I fall onto Jasper’s bed and flip onto my side when he turns on the box light in preparation for our weekly Q&A video on VlogIt. The bed shifts beside me, and I know Lenny sat down as well, leaving all the work to Jasper.