Kiss Cam(3)

By: Kiara London

“I’m really sorry about your boots, June,” Lenny apologizes for the hundredth time.

“It’s fine,” I say, trying not to laugh. “Besides, I blame Jasper.”

My boots really are all right. They got a good scrub-down in the school bathroom. Luckily, Allison had some body spray in her backpack, so I didn’t smell like vomit for the rest of the day.

After lunch, Lenny went to the health office and then home. He didn’t look good before, but now he’s looking chipper as ever. Good thing, too, seeing as this is the only night this week we can do our weekly questions video.

I turn over and watch Jasper bounce from his laptop to his camera, dodging electrical cords as he goes. If it weren’t for his video setup, this room would be pretty tidy.

We’re not the highest quality of video bloggers, yet we’re one of the most subscribed-to vlog channels on VlogIt—which also means we’ve partnered with the site and get paid.

We could be a quality vlog channel, but Lenny’s laziness, my spending tendencies, and Jasper’s fondness for the “kids-next-door” feel keep us doing what we’ve been doing for three years. And, thanks to us being laid-back and random, our channel WereVloggingHere has made leaps and bounds since its start.

Our success has enabled us to set up meetings with other vloggers and meet-and-greets with our subscribers from across the globe, but in town we aren’t well known at all. To our neighbors, we’re just an eccentric group of teens with a camcorder. It does a good job of keeping us grounded.

One of the most popular things we do on our channel is answer our subscribers’ questions on camera. There’s a different theme for each ask, and tonight is Truth or Dare.

“You know,” Jasper comments while he sets the camera on its tripod, “it kind of looks like we’re filming a cheap porn video.”

Lenny stares at him blankly for a second and then bursts out laughing. I sit up and purse my lips. “How do you figure?”

Jasper grins at Lenny’s easy laughter and chuckles himself. “Oh, c’mon, June. How can you not see it? Lighting, a camera aimed at the bed, three horny teenagers. Things could get pretty risqué.”

At this, Lenny laughs harder and falls back on Jasper’s orange bedding to cover his red face.

I snort. “Speak for yourself.”

“Meaning?” he asks distractedly while unhooking his laptop from his charger. He wiggles his eyebrows at me when he comes to sit between Lenny and me.

“I’m not horny,” I reply simply.

“All teenagers are horny,” he says with a shrug, and pulls up the comments from our last video on his laptop.

Lenny raises his hand. “I second that.”

“Whoa,” I laugh. “I don’t need a mental image of what you two get up to in your free time.”

“Not together,” Lenny huffs, shaking his head as he sits up.

“Or maybe we do. . . .” Jasper winks and Lenny punches him in the arm, making him recoil and bump into my shoulder.

Laughing, I push him away and stand up, making to leave the room. “I’ll leave you two to it, then,” I tease.

“No!” Lenny wails. “Stop! Just sit down. We have to shoot this video tonight. I don’t have time for it tomorrow. Babysitting the twins, remember?”

Lenny’s excuse for everything is his twin sisters. Sometimes he doesn’t want to tell us he’d rather not hang out, so he lies and says he has to babysit. Except he doesn’t know we know his grand excuse.

It’s Friday night tomorrow. He doesn’t have to babysit. Jasper and I both know that Desperate Housewives reruns are on Friday nights, and Lenny has a crush on Eva Longoria. He can’t trick us. We’ve known each other too long for that.

“Fine,” Jasper sighs, and gives me a sly smile. I try not to grin too widely when I think about Lenny watching Desperate Housewives and eating popcorn with saucerlike eyes, drooling every time Eva shows some skin.

“Any good questions?” I ask over Jasper’s shoulder when I’ve reseated myself.

“Don’t know, they’ve just loaded. Want to go in order?”

Lenny and I both nod, so he sets his laptop in Lenny’s lap while he hits record on the video camera. When Jasper’s sitting back down, we all look at the camera and smile.