Lies (Phoenix Undercover #1)

By: C.A. Harms



I was fading in and out as my body was dragged along the pavement. Warm liquid covered the side of my head and dripped down over my ear. Muffled voices continued to filter in, but everything was hazy. If only I could find my gun.

“Put that sorry-ass pig in the trunk. I don’t want him messing up my interior.”

My body tensed at the man’s words. I knew at that moment the chances of me getting out of this alive were slim to none.

Leo Markovich. I would know the Russian accent anywhere. I had spent the last six months learning his every move. I’d lived in his world, pretending to be one of his people, working with them to supply the streets with drugs and easy women. Now that was all about to end.

“We taking him to Roman?” The name made me tense even more. Roman would not hesitate to put a bullet between my eyes.

“No.” Leo chuckled. “I want to play first. I have some things I need to learn. Some questions I need answered.”

I knew the beatings had just begun.

My body was hoisted up and then tossed into the trunk. I let out a loud groan as I landed on something hard and the pain shot through me like a hot stake.

“You brought this on yourself.” Leo leaned over me, looking down with a smirk on his lips. “Now you must pay the price for your mistakes. No one gets away with deceiving me.”

My right eye was completely swollen shut, but I could still open my left. I watched as the two men chuckled, looking down at me. I knew I would only be digging my own grave if I spoke, but I refused to let them think they had already defeated me.

“Fuck you,” I snarled. “When Roman finds out you twats didn’t know you had a cop living inside the center of your operation, he’ll end you both. Whether I’m dead or not, you two are fucked.”

I refused to look away even when Leo raised his gun and cracked it across my cheek.

The trunk slammed shut and the blackness set in. My stomach rolled as bile filled my mouth, and I coughed and sputtered as bitter, coppery blood drained from the gash on my cheek and ran toward my lips. Turning my head to the side, I heaved as I faded in and out of consciousness from the pain.

Gabby’s face was the last thing I saw before the darkness took over, and I prayed I would get to kiss her beautiful lips again.

Chapter 1


Six months earlier

“You gonna act like a pussy, or are you just gonna go talk to her?” Greyson teased. “Because if you aren’t at least going to give it a shot, I will.”

“Kami would kick your ass,” I said, not taking my eyes off the brunette in line at the counter, or rather off her tight, black pants that perfectly showed off her fine ass.

“Fuck, she doesn’t own me. Besides, she’s getting too clingy. I’ve been avoiding her crazy shit lately.”

It didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that their relationship had lasted this long.

Greyson had been my partner for six years and my best friend longer than that. He and I first joined the police force together with the same goal in mind—clean up the streets of New York and make the sick bastards of the world pay for their crimes. Ten years of training and long, treacherous hours later, we were finally both agents for the FBI, working on the narcotics task force. In that time, I had been solely focused on the job, leaving little time for dating, but my partner dated enough for the both of us. In fact, most people would refer to him as a manwhore.

A chair screeched against the tile floor, and I looked in Greyson’s direction. “What the hell are you doing?”

He smirked, holding up his empty Starbucks cup. “Looks like I need a refill.” He winked and strutted off toward the counter, where he stood just behind the woman. The knowledge he was openly checking out her ass pissed me off. Asshole was trying to get under my skin, and that shit was working. As the woman passed her money to the barista, Greyson held out a twenty, offering to pay for her drink. I was too far away to hear his exact words, but his game was always the same—play nice guy and charm the girl. The moment the brunette smiled at him, I instantly wanted to beat his ass.

I turned my back to the counter, because I honestly didn’t want to witness the douche getting her number. I sat, scolding myself because I let him have her. There was nothing wrong with having a little fun outside of work, but I had a hard time doing that because the job always got in the way.

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