Love on the Rocks 4:Tequila Sunrise

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Chapter 1

“There are other ways to pay off your brother’s debt,” Jordene Mokolovic said to Pina Leonie.

She swallowed hard as he caressed his knuckles down her arm.

“I don’t understand,” she whispered, shaking in her high heels. It was senior week, and she would be graduating from high school then off to college. Instead of continuing to party with her friends, she’d been forced out of the dance club and into the parking lot to discuss “business” with Jordene.

He stepped closer, closing the space between them. She feared this man after months of giving him money or her parents’ scrounging for all they had to pay off Brian’s debt. It made her hate her brother for the burden he’d put upon his family.

Reaching up, Jordene stroked her jaw. She smelled the cologne, the scent of cigar on his fingertips as they touched her skin. She stared up into his dark black eyes and knew he was an evil son of a bitch. A man no one could trust. A criminal, a chauvinistic, narcissistic pig she wished she’d never met or become indebted to.

His attitude, gall, was all street thug. She’d made the mistake of asking around about his boss, this L.R. guy, and had been told to never bring up his name and to avoid the man at all costs. Too late for that. Her brother was a criminal, too, and now she and her parents suffered.

“I’m going to explain this deal I’m willing to make with you because you’re so sweet and I know how hard you’ve been working.” He stroked her cheek with his knuckles. She turned away, and when she glanced back at him, he eyed her breasts and arms. “It shows, baby, and I think we can come to an agreement as you pay off the debt.”

“I gave you all the money I’ve been making, and my parents have scrounged for what they have, too. We can’t give you more. It was Brian’s debt anyway. Why do we need to pay it?”

He pulled her close, making her gasp. She gripped his arms, and his hand gripped her waist and squeezed. He held her so tight she could hardly catch a breath.

She was petrified, instantly shaking.

He inhaled deeply against her neck, and she felt the tears fill her eyes.

“Fuck, you smell so good.” He licked his lips, and she tried pushing him away. He pressed her against the wall, making her head hit the bricks.

“Jordene, please, I don’t understand what you want. Why are you doing this? My brother’s dead. We’ve been paying as we get more money. Please release me.”

He was inhaling her perfume and then staring down into her eyes. She shivered with fear. He was a monster, a criminal, and a man who could not be trusted. She could see the hatred, the evil killer in his dark eyes. She was helpless against his tactics. “I like you, Pina. I like you a lot.”

Oh shit.

His hand coasted along her hip. She dared not move. Any sudden movement could have him putting a knife to her throat or a gun to her head. Her eyes widened, and she tried to not breathe too heavily, but it was difficult. He was in her space, the pushy bastard.

“So much so that you’re still in one piece and so are your mother and father. If the boss had his way, you’d all be dead.”

“Please don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt my parents. Maybe if I could meet your boss and explain.”

He shook his head.

“You know the rules. I deal with you, and you pay me direct. L.R. likes to keep out of things, especially the dirty, bloody things.” Jordene slid his hand over her ass and squeezed.

She gripped his shoulders. “Please don’t do that.”

His eyes roamed over her abundant breasts. The dress she wore was sexy. She had wanted to impress Kyran, a guy in her grade who was heading to a nearby university like she was. He was attractive, kind, and naive. She used to be that way, too, unaware of the crime and evilness that ran through the streets beyond the shoreline and even in the most upper class of neighborhoods in South Carolina. It was a conspiracy, a hidden underground world, and she’d been forced into it because of Brian. Jordene licked his lips, and she felt so helpless. Then his other hand gripped her hair and yanked her head back.

“Ouch.” She panicked as tears rolled down her cheeks. She was so tired of these games he would play with her. Every time he showed up for money or just to see if she was saving more to give to him, he would mess with her head, touch her body, and say he wanted her in his bed. She wasn’t stupid. He had been bothering her for six months.