Moonshine & Madness(3)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

She looked around, hearing the emergency responders coming, but not seeing anyone. The mother’s head continued to gush blood.

“My name is Gianna. I’m staying right here with you and your mama,” she told the crying babies. The little girl lay on her mom’s side, and Gianna held the baby on her lap. She needed to stop that bleeding and apply pressure to the wound until help arrived. She pulled off her top, rolled it into a ball, and pressed it to the mother’s head as she continued to hold on to the babies. The toddler gripped her arms and neck, squeezing tight, shaking in her arms. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the paramedics, police, and fire engines arrived on scene.

Gianna could hardly breath she was so terrified. She was also sitting there in only a white lace bra as multiple first responders got to her and the kids.

“Okay, what happened? Are you hurt?” the state trooper asked her.

“The mother is the worst injured. Broken bones, cut head. This was all I had. I didn’t know what to do. I just stopped at the red light, and then a truck slammed into this car, and the mother was screaming and the babies were crying, there was fire, and—”

He placed his hand on her shoulder, and her eyes widened as a spark of something caused her to stop talking. He bent down as paramedics started working on the mother and others took the two babies from her.

“You’re okay, miss. It looks like you got cut, too. Let me get a paramedic to look at that and I’ll get you something to put on.” He helped her up and she looked at the babies crying, then back to the trooper who helped her.

“Will they be okay? I promised I would stay with them,” she said, looking back at the kids and trying to use her arm to cover her chest, which was completely impossible.

“They’re in good hands. Let’s get you over to another paramedic,” he said and helped her walk.

“I can’t stop shaking.”

“That’s why I want Nixon to take a look at you.”

As he helped her to the other ambulance, another tall, very attractive paramedic looked her over and then quickly cleared his throat and helped her sit down. Another paramedic tossed him a sheet, and he placed it around her shoulders.

Just then, an additional explosion went off. People screamed and she felt both the trooper and paramedic cover her with their bodies. She gripped on to both. “Oh God!” she cried out.

“You’re okay. You’re safe with us,” the trooper said. She looked up as they slowly released her. Both men kept hands on her and gave her reassuring smiles.

“What’s your name, honey?” the trooper asked her.


He nodded. “I’m Trooper Darius Law. This here is my brother Nixon.”

“Brother?” she asked, her teeth chattering, her jaw not keeping up with her words and making her sound weird.

Nixon gave her a smile.

“I can’t stop shaking,” she said.

Nixon placed his hand on her shoulder, over the sheet that barely covered her breasts.

“I want you to try to relax while I look over this cut. I think you may need stitches,” Nixon told her. He was tall, about six foot three, with tanned skin, bold brown eyes, and muscles galore. The blue shirt he wore was stretched across the muscles, and it was hard not to find the man attractive. His brother Trooper Law, who looked like some sexual fantasy in a uniform, was just as attractive. In fact, they looked so much alike that only the uniform and a more intense expression on Darius’s face separated the two.

“Twins?” she asked.

“Triplets, actually,” Nixon said and began to wipe away the blood by her side.

“Can you explain to me what happened exactly?” he asked. Now other police and state troopers were there and they gathered around her. She was feeling so exposed like this and pulled the sheet tighter.

“You’re going to have to go to the hospital. You’ll need a tetanus shot and some stitches.” More sirens honked and blared in the distance. The fire was out of control in the car and that green electrical box.

“My car, my purse, and phone and stuff. I think I left it running, and I dropped my phone when I ran to the car. Oh God, and work. I’m late getting back to work.”