Moonshine & Madness(73)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“How is it different?” Rocco asked her.

“Well, usually when I’m with you guys and we have moonshine, next comes the madness.”

She took a sip and closed her eyes.

“Madness?” Armando asked and ran his palm along her calf. She chuckled, then nibbled her bottom lip and whispered to them so no one else could hear.

“Whenever we have moonshine together and then make love, it’s wild and passionate, and so amazing. It’s maddening the way you make me feel. So, moonshine and madness,” she said and took another sip.

“I’ll drink to that, because there’ll be some madness going on up in the bedroom tonight,” Armando said, and they laughed, then clinked their glasses together.

“To moonshine and madness!” they cheered, and Gianna laughed. Her cheeks turned a nice shade of pink, and Darius felt his heart soar with love and adoration. Gianna was the perfect woman for all of them, and very soon, the perfect wife.