Overtime Under Two Cowboys

By: Laina Kenney

DIG Security 4

Overtime Under Two Cowboys

Daphne Douglas moves to Texas, the land of cowboys and Stetsons, to leave loneliness and boredom behind. But when she works overtime one night and overhears a deal to sell the company's government secrets, she knows she could go from bored to dead in seconds if she is caught.

For Gideon Black and Zane McCann, Army Rangers turned cowboys and sometime security guards, the delectable Daphne is the answer to a deep unspoken desire for a woman of their own, a woman they could share.

Both men are instantly attracted and dedicated to keeping her body safe between them, day and night, but will that be enough when death comes calling? They know they can deliver on Daphne’s secret fantasy of love with two cowboys, but with the threat hanging over Daphne's head and the clock ticking on their time together, will they be able to seduce her into their bed and their lives on a more permanent basis?

Chapter One

Daphne stood back and surveyed the boxes of files she had pulled and piled in the hallway in prep for the auditors coming. Seven o’clock on a Friday night and she had nothing better to do than sort through dusty old boxes from the prior year.

She was young, and pretty enough when she left her shiny red hair down. Why didn’t she have a date for Friday night?

She was in Texas. She should be sitting at a restaurant across from a good-looking cowboy whose twinkling eyes and slow smile set her panties on fire.

Instead, she was still at work buried to the elbows in paper and craving pizza.

She walked back into the storeroom.

“No more Friday night pizza,” she whispered aloud and patted the curve of her hip. She was trying to be good and lose about ten pounds because being a curvy redhead in San Antonio, Texas was a little different from being a curvy redhead in a small town in Michigan. Moving to Texas two years ago had been the best career decision she had ever made, but beside all the model-thin blonde former cheerleaders, Daphne felt like Raggedy Ann beside Barbie.

She sighed. If she was starting to feel sorry for herself, maybe it was time to call it a night.

She gathered her purse, flipped off the overhead light and reached for the door when she heard a male voice. She hesitated in the darkness.

If it was that smarmy janitor who came in early to linger near her desk, she was just going to wait for him to pass by before she left. She didn’t want to try to be polite while he stared at her chest.

No, there were two men talking.

One of the men laughed a nasty laugh.

“Are you going to explain to our friend that he can’t have what he wants because you got cold feet?”

“No, no, I’m not saying that—”

“Good because he wants that new process in a big way.”

“I haven’t even submitted my final report. I don’t understand how he could even know about—”

Another cold laugh that made shivers chase up and down Daphne’s spine. She hardly dared to breathe as the voices came closer to the other side of the door. She didn’t want to come face to face with a man who laughed like that.

“He knows all and sees all. You’re not the only one who plays beyond his means and ends up owing a favor to Mr. Lloyd.”

“I had no idea that he would ask for something like this. There’s no way I can get in to R & D tonight. It’s past seven on a Friday night, the whole section’s on lockdown until Monday morning. It’s all computerized.”

The men were right outside the door now. They must be standing right beside the boxes she had piled in the hallway.

Her stomach lurched on a wave of sickening fear. She was suddenly very glad that she had turned the light off. Please, please let them leave.

“What the hell are all these boxes doing in the middle of the hall?”

“Well, there’s an audit starting Monday. If I had to guess, I’d say one of the girls was pulling files to get a head start.”

“Yes, the audit. You’re lucky, aren’t you, that Mr. Lloyd didn’t ask for the cash to pay off your debt. This will be much easier for you, and no chance of being traced. When this new process comes out, it’ll just seem like someone else thought of it first.”

The voices faded.

“Uh, yeah, I guess.”