By: Lilliana Anderson


MAY, three years ago

“THIS IS a very bad idea,” he murmured, their eyes locked, his mouth only millimetres away from hers.

“I know.” She leaned forward, brushing her full, soft lips against his. She couldn’t seem to help herself. It was as if a magnetic force was pulling her toward him.

Her hands landed on his chest and a shudder ran through his body, muffling the protests in his mind. Gripping the back of her hair, he held her steady, keeping her just out of reach.

“You’re the boss’ daughter,” he stated.

“Pretend I’m not,” she whispered, pressing herself against his hard body.

Looking down at her beautiful blue eyes, he fought with his primal urges to maintain his control. “I don’t want to pretend with you.”

“We’ve been pretending this whole time.”

Chapter One

PRESENT, 14 days before the job


“FUCKING HELL, man. I wish I was you,” Jared says, as he walks into my office and drops a thin file on my oversized dark wood desk. It isn’t even heavy enough to make much of a sound and practically floats to a stop in front of me.

I look at it, then at him and knit my brow. “What’s so lucky about this?”

Ignoring my disinterest, he leans forward and splays his fingers over the top of the file like there’s gold inside.

“That contains the details of the hottest fucking chick that has ever walked through these doors, and she’s only interested in you man. She must be here for a recovery of some sort - says she only wants the best.”

“Is that so?” I ask, trying to keep my face straight as my second in command talks himself into a hard-on over some chick, who, I’m assuming, is in the waiting area. “Have you looked into her?”

“Not yet. She’s a walk in. I was kind of distracted trying to offer her my individual services, if you know what I mean.”

“Knocked you back?” I ask, but it’s more of a statement. I already know the answer.

He tilts his head, giving his shoulders a light bounce, his short brown hair unmoving under his styling products. “Yeah, dude. She wasn’t interested. Poor girl, doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

At this point, I can’t help but laugh. At twenty-five, Jared seems to think he’s somewhat of a lady-killer. I’ve seen him in action on more than one occasion and he pulls in chicks very successfully. But those boyish good looks of his don’t get him everything he wants in life. Especially where business is concerned.

“What’s her deal then?” I ask, opening the file and seeing nothing more than an appointment slip with very little information on it.

“I don’t know. Blonde hair, almost brown. Caucasian. Around thirty–that could be it. Maybe she thinks she’s too old for me–”

“No, you dumbass. What does she want from us–as in Price Security, the company you work for?”

“Oh, sure–she didn’t tell me. Like I said, she’s only interested in you.”

Chewing my lip in thought, I nod and tell him to let her in as I look at the folder in my hands. It says that her name is Ms Chloe Saunders. The surname doesn’t mean anything to me on sight, but the last time I came across a woman named Chloe, my life fell apart.

“Here she is,” Jared announces, as he opens my door again and ushers the woman in. He’s so fucking big that he blocks the doorway, and all I can see is a peek of dark blonde hair over his shoulder, and a whisper of a slender leg in those lethal looking pointy shoes that I love watching chicks teeter around in.

Closing the folder, I place it on the desk in front of me and look up as the woman comes into view. My eyes travel from her shoes and up the length of her curvaceous body. The higher I get, the smaller the room becomes as my mind wages war with my cock. The familiarity sets in. I know those legs. I know that body. The moment my eyes meet hers, all expression leaves my face and a pit forms in my gut as every memory I have of her slams me in the face, full force. I thought she was gone. I thought she had taken off and was living a life of luxury on some island paradise that didn’t have an extradition treaty. But here she is, large as life and still sexy as hell.