Pinstriped (The Whitetide Streak Book 1)

By: Marie Long

A Paranormal Dating Agency novella

The Whitetide Streak, Book 1

A BBW in search of love + a sexy tiger shifter ready to claim her as his mate = Sizzling Alpha Romance

Personal trainer Diesel Reed is a tiger who desires a mate who can meet his insatiable demands. Unfortunately, none of the women he trains spark a challenge.

Until Carina Parker, his newest client, walks into his gym.

Big, bold, curvaceous Carina has given up on conventional love, thanks to her lousy luck with dating apps. Her sexy new trainer flutters her heart, but he’s way out of her league.

Diesel thinks Carina might finally be the woman he is looking for, but Carina seems to be training hard to impress someone else, not him. Frustrated, Diesel seeks the advice of famed matchmaker Gerri Wilder.

But instead of answers, Diesel’s visit to the Paranormal Dating Agency leaves him reeling in shock.

A threat from Diesel’s past traps Carina in the middle of a deadly family feud. With love and honor hanging in the balance, Diesel is faced with a bitter choice: duty or happiness?

Chapter 1

“One! Two! Punch! Kick!” Diesel Reed barked at the sweat-drenched woman before him as she attacked his padded hand mitts to his rhythmic commands. Despite his sharp tone, he adored his beautiful client, Carina Parker, who stood in a perfect fighting stance, ready to lay into the mitts with a roundhouse kick.

Her face bore the look of a determined warrior as she fought to get back in shape through fitness kickboxing. Five days a week, two hours a day, Diesel gave her the intense personal training she desired. Diesel admired her hard work and dedication, but there was something else about her that intrigued him. Something deeper. He sensed that, under her self-doubt, this plus-sized woman hid a deliciously sexy edge. How could someone like her not be happy with herself? In the two months he’d known her, he’d kept this and other questions to himself, knowing it wasn’t ethical to prod into a client’s personal life.

Diesel watched her body move. Her plump belly, voluptuous breasts, and matching round ass, all of which he adored, were the most noticeable aspects of her weight. She was thicker than the average woman but hardly out of shape compared to some of his past clients. Carina was perfect. She carried the weight well and looked especially sexy in spandex, which revealed every curve. The bottom of her gray, sweat-soaked tank top was hiked up slightly, revealing a small portion of her bare, caramel-toned belly beneath.

He swallowed, his weakness for curves sending shockwaves of pleasure straight to his dick. So what if she’s a client? He’d love to get to know her more. He’d watched her transform from a timid, self-conscious doe, who was afraid to set foot in his gym, to a sassy tigress.

A tigress… A mate…

The hand mitts yielded to another of Carina’s swift, accurate punches, and he snapped out of his thoughts. They’d been going at the drill for fifteen minutes straight, and she continued pushing herself harder.

“You’re doing great, Ri,” he said. “Again.”

Carina gritted her teeth and slammed a roundhouse kick into the left mitt. The impact moved him back an inch. Damn. Her strength matched her beauty—just two of the many things he loved in a woman.


His arm flew back from the force of a powerful punch, and he started, his fantasies dissolving.

Carina huffed. “How’s that?”

Fucking amazing. He grinned and lowered the mitts. “Damn, girl, I know grown men built like football players that can’t hit as hard as you.”

She let out an airy chuckle. “So you’re saying I hit like a girl?”

“A girl? Hell no. You hit like a badass woman!”

“That’s because I have a drill sergeant of a trainer.”

“Hey, I’m not that bad…” He paused then smirked coyly. “Unless you want me to be.”

“Have I not sweated enough?” She plopped down on a nearby bench. She retrieved a water bottle from her black gym bag and tilted her head back, guzzling half its contents. A trickle of water dripped down the side of her mouth and neck then trailed down her chest, where it disappeared in her cleavage. What he wouldn’t give to chase that lucky little drop of water with his tongue.