Reaper's Girl (Rockin' Country Book 5)

By: Laramie Briscoe

Book #5 in the Rockin’ Country Series

Chapter One

* * *


“I think it’s time. I wanna go back into the studio.”

Hannah Thompson glanced over to her left at her husband, who sat behind the wheel of their Range Rover. Her gaze washed over him, taking in the way he shifted against the leather of the seat, leaned back further, and spread his knees wider, taking up almost all of the room under the wheel. She didn’t miss the way his green eyes flashed to the rearview mirror, gazing in the back to their son, EJ, in his booster seat. Garrett licked his lips before taking a drink of coffee from its white cup—from that place he always gave her crap about—before his eyes took in her profile.

“Is that what you want, babe?”

His deep voice calmed her, and she knew he wasn’t asking for him, he was asking for her.

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m sure. He’s almost a year and a half old now. I mean nobody probably even cares about me as anything more than a wife or a mom anymore.”

Hannah could feel the heat of his gaze on her. “Trust me, Han, nobody thinks of you as just a wife or a mom.”

“It’s not a bad thing if they did,” she was quick to defend.

He laughed loudly. “That’s not it at all, but lately I’m on the internet way more than you are. I know you see your comments, but I also know you’ve taken a step back. Shell may not be telling you, but people are constantly asking when you’re going to have something out, when I’m gonna let you out of the house.”


“Yeah, people think I’m keeping you home and that I want to keep you knocked up so you don’t have a chance to go back in the studio or on the road. You know that’s not the case, right? Anything you wanna do, you can do. I’m not going to hold you back from anything, but it has to be right for us as a family.” He glanced back at EJ, who was now sleeping, as they made their way into downtown Nashville.

“I agree.” She turned in her seat so that she could look at her husband. “Never would I want to put him in any kind of situation where he wasn’t a priority. Our family always comes first, and that’s why I’ve been hesitant to do anything.”

“But you’re ready now?” he asked as he checked his blind spot and exited the interstate.

Hannah took a moment. Was she really ready? Or was she bored? That was something she asked herself a lot—especially lately. EJ didn’t need her as much as he had when he was a newborn, and she found herself having time that wasn’t preoccupied anymore. “I think so, but my thought goes back to what do I do with him while I’m in the studio.” She nodded back to EJ.

Garrett reached over and grabbed her hand. “You know we’re on a break right now. We’re going to be writing our record, and we have a year to do that. Do you have songs and stuff already picked out?”

“I’ve been listening to demos,” she admitted. “The good ones Shell has been hearing, she’s been forwarding my way. I’ve found songs I really like, and there are a few songs I’ve written that I think are something. I won’t know until I get into the studio though.”

Bringing her hand up to his lips, he grinned. “Then why don’t you figure out if they’re something or not? I say if this is something you wanna do—we’ll make it work.”

And that was exactly why she had the best husband in the world.

Chapter Two

* * *

Two Months Later

Hannah juggled the slippery plastic of the Starbucks drink she held in her hand as she used a code she hadn’t used in a very long time. The June Nashville heat made condensation appear on the cup as soon as she wiped it off, but it was nothing compared to the way her palms were sweating. Her purse slipped off her shoulder, and she huffed, frustrated with herself by the way her heart was pounding at unnatural speeds.

There was no reason to be nervous. She was a Grammy winner. Going back into the studio wasn’t that big of a deal. Squaring her shoulders and taking a deep breath, she glanced at her wedding ring. Garrett was supporting her the whole way; he’d sent her off this morning with EJ on his hip and breakfast in her stomach. Along with the drink she held in her hand.