Resisting The Biker

By: Cassie Alexandra & K. L. Middleton


It was just after nine o’clock p.m. when Jessica Winters walked out of Twenty-Four Hour Fitness, dropped her gym bag into the trunk of her car, and drove to her two-bedroom apartment in Iowa City. She pulled into the underground garage, grabbed her things, and headed toward the elevator, relieved that her roommate, Kellie, was out of town. She’d have the place to herself for a couple of days, which meant that she wouldn’t have to listen to the sound of Kellie and her boyfriend, Jack, going at it in the other room, all hours of the night. She had to admit, listening to Kellie when she was having those ‘mind-blowing orgasms’, she so fondly called them, was hell. Especially for someone who’d decided not to have sex until she met the ‘one’. ‘The one’ who seemed to be taking his damn sweet time in finding her.

“You should get yourself a vibrator,” said Kellie after Jessica had confronted her about keeping the noise down, the previous weekend. “Maybe you wouldn’t be so weird about it.”

“If not wanting to listen to other people having sex is being weird then I certainly don’t want to be, whatever it is that you consider, normal.”

“God, you take everything so fucking seriously. I’m just giving you shit. Although,” she’d smirked, “you have to admit, you’re way too uptight about sex. You’re twenty-years-old, for God’s sake. You need to get your freak on, Jessica, like the rest of us.”

“I’m not uptight and I don’t need to ‘get my freak on’. I’m just tired from not getting any sleep,” she’d shot back angrily. “I mean, come on - four in the morning? You’d be pissed, too, if you had classes at seven and were up all night, trying to block out the howling in the next room. If you could at least keep it down. That’s all I ask.”

“Honey, you can’t keep good sex down. If you had it, you’d know what I mean.”

“Whatever. At least turn up the damn music.”


The truth was that they fought about more than just the obnoxious grunting and moaning coming from Kellie’s room. They argued about groceries, cable and electric bills, or where things belonged in the apartment. It certainly wasn’t fun going home at night, and Jessica pretty much knew what she had to do –find herself a new roommate or… move back in with her mother, Frannie. At least she’d get more sleep and not have to put up with Kellie’s bullshit. Unfortunately, that meant she’d also have to move in with Slammer, her mom’s biker fiancé. Not only was he intimidating, but he was the president of the Gold Vipers, a motorcycle club in Jensen, which Jessica wanted absolutely no part of. Admittedly, she actually liked Slammer and he was not at all what she’d expected, with his easy-going manner and funny stories. Sure, every other word was ‘fuck’ and he smoked like a chimney, but he treated Frannie, his ‘Old Lady”, as he liked to call her, like a queen and he was even considerate to Jessica. But, as far as she was concerned, he was still in a gang and his way of living wasn’t the kind she wanted for her mother. She’ even tried talking Frannie out of seeing Slammer, several times, but, apparently the two of them had already fallen “hopelessly in love”, so it was like talking to a wall. Even when Jessica mentioned the fact that bikers, in clubs like his, were always breaking the law and ending up in prison, she’d come back with – “Slammer says that the Gold Vipers aren’t like other MC clubs. They’re more like a band of brothers who look out for each other and their families. Everything that they are involved with is totally legit.”

Yeah, right.

Frannie was so gullible, it was frustrating. Jessica could only cross her fingers and hope that Slammer would keep her out of anything illegal. If he did try to involve her mother, in any way, and she got word of it, Slammer would find his ass in jail faster than he could light his next Camel. Her mother meant everything to her and there was no way she’d sit back quietly or turn the other cheek. Frannie was close to retirement and she didn’t want her mother spending any part of it in prison.