Saving Drew

By: Lara Van Hulzen

A Silver Bay Romance


Thank you to my family who make it possible for me to do this crazy, fun writing thing I do.

I say all the time that it takes a village and I love my Village People. You know who you are. Thank you for everything.

Thank you to my assistant, Crystal. I would be completely lost without you.

Thank you Adam Spiva, my friend and resident firefighter. I see a book cover in your future. You can run but you can’t hide.

Thank you, readers! Your continuous kind words and encouragement keep me going.

Chapter One

Baylee stood behind the cake table. Well, the cupcake table, to be exact. It was a prime spot to survey the room and not draw attention and she had no problem hiding behind the cupcake tower she’d made for Jack and Kate’s wedding reception.

The overhead lights were now dimmed, a disco ball spinning above the bride and groom as they danced. Etta James crooned about wanting a Sunday kind of love. Gracious, the woman could sing.

Baylee had become good friends with Kate a few months back when a fire damaged both Baylee’s Bakery and Kate’s design shop, Atmosphere. They’d recovered, both businesses up and running again and doing well.

The groom, Jack, was Kate’s opposite in every way, and yet they fit together perfectly. Kate’s dress was elegant and classy, just like her. The lace covered bodice clung to her, satin buttons down the back. The skirt flowed into a short train, now floating behind Kate as they danced. And although Jack wore a tuxedo, his jacket was gone, his shirtsleeves were rolled up, and his tie now draped from his collar. His signature black boots were on his feet.

The wedding reception was in the town hall, a historical building with loads of charm. Kate fell in love with the place after attending the annual sock hop the year before. Baylee helped her plan the wedding, something she never thought she’d enjoy again, but loved it.

And everyone in Silver Bay had jumped in to help. It was one of the many things Baylee loved about Silver Bay. Having moved from Texas, she found the small town warm and welcoming. A great place for her to call home.

Baylee smiled. It was nice to see two people she cared about so happy and in love. The couple only had eyes for each other as they swayed across the dance floor. Baylee moved her hips to the music, the song as smooth as silk. She hummed a little too. She wouldn’t mind a Sunday kind of love herself, but that wasn’t in the cards. No matter. Her life was full. She was happy. Really, she was.

A sigh escaped her lips as everyone cheered when the song ended and Jack pulled his bride in for a long, slow kiss. Baylee was a hopeless romantic, yes, but her life called for practical, not whimsical.

“These cupcakes are to die for, Baylee!” Maggie’s voice drew her from her daydream. Kate’s sister stood on the other side of the table, a small plate in one hand, a cupcake in the other. She took another bite, a wisp of frosting sticking to her top lip.

“Thanks.” Baylee held back a giggle. She was getting more and more used to people’s response to her baked goods. She loved it. Loved feeding people, seeing their eyes light up as the sugar and vanilla tickled their taste buds.

Maggie was Kate’s sister but also Baylee’s friend. Her deep blue bridesmaids dress was a sleeveless crepe bodice with a “V” neckline. A small bump beneath the satin waistband the only sign of Maggie’s pregnancy. Baylee was delighted for her friend. It was her first baby. She and her husband, Josh, who was also Jack’s brother, were beside themselves with excitement.

“This baby is going to come out addicted to your baked goods,” Maggie said then popped the last bite of cupcake into her mouth.

Baylee laughed. “That’s good for me and business, but I certainly don’t want to be blamed for a child’s sugar addiction.”

Josh came up and put an arm around his wife’s waist. Unlike Jack, who had dark hair and dark eyes, Josh’s coloring was lighter. They looked like brothers, only one favored their mom, the other their dad.

“Babe, try to keep yourself to maybe two of those today.” Josh kissed Maggie on the cheek then looked at Baylee. “No offense, Baylee. Your stuff is amazing. I just don’t want my beautiful wife, or our baby, to go into a sugar coma.”