Secrets Kept(4)

By: Allie Everhart

"What are you doing?"

"Going for a run. I'm not going to sit around crying, eating ice cream, getting fat, all because of some stupid guy."

"But you're all dressed up. Why don't we go out? We'll go have a drink. Sit at the bar. Maybe you'll meet someone else."

"Another asshole who'll break my heart? No. Forget it. I'm done with men. I'm just going to be single the rest of my life." I yank my shorts on under my dress, then feel my fancy underwear riding up my butt. I sigh. "I need to change. I don't feel like talking right now. You can go back to your article."

She comes over to me. "You gonna be okay?"

"Yes." I straighten up, shoulders back. "I'm fine. I didn't like him that much, anyway."

She eyes me, knowing I'm lying, but she doesn't call me on it. Instead, she walks to the door. "Make sure you bring your phone. If you get tired on your run, or lost, or..." she smiles, "need an adult me. I'll pick you up."

"I will."

She leaves and my phone dings with a text. It's from the asshole. Don't be mad. She means nothing to me. You're it for me, babe.

"Ugh!" I toss the phone on my bed and finish changing my clothes.

While I'm in the bathroom, washing all the makeup off my face, my phone dings again.

Another text from the a-hole. Be there at seven to pick you up. Where do you want to go?

I text back. We're done! OVER! Stop texting me!!!!

He texts back. I thought you were joking.

Are you serious? You cheated on me! We're OVER!

He doesn't respond. A minute goes by. And then I see the dots. Another text appears. You sure??


Ok. It was fun while it lasted. He follows that with a winking smiley face.

What. An. Ass!!!

"I hate him!" I yell.

Megan appears again. "What happened? What's wrong?"

"Forget it." I walk around her to the hall. "I can't talk about it. I'm going out. Be back later."

She follows me to the door. "Kate, why don't you stay? We could watch a movie. A comedy. Nothing romantic. Or we'll watch a horror movie. One where all the guys get killed."

I half-smile. Megan's been my friend since high school and she always knows how to make me smile. "I'm pretty sure that movie doesn't exist."

She shrugs. "Well, I tried. You sure you want to go running? Seems like a strange thing to do after a break-up. Or anytime. I don't get running."

Megan hates exercise of any kind. Even walking. She'd much rather be typing away on her laptop or binge-watching whatever show got her attention on Netflix.

She's a little overweight but she's always been that way and loves her body the way it is. She embraces her curves and doesn't try to hide them.

I give her a quick hug. "Get back to work. I'll be back soon."

After a five-mile run, I go home, take a long, hot shower, then get into bed. I try not to think of him but he's all I can think about.

He said he loved me. He said it every day for the past six months. But it was all a lie. The asshole lied about loving me.

And the worst part? I didn't. Lie, that is. I told him I loved him and meant it.

Earlier tonight I told him I never loved him, but the truth is I did. I actually did. Or at least I thought I did.

Chapter Two

"Kate." Megan's voice is muffled through my pillow, which is covering my head. There's knocking, followed by, "Kate, can I come in?"

When I don't answer, I hear the door open.

"You're still in bed?"

I toss my pillow aside and squint at the hazy form now standing beside me. "What time is it?"


"In the afternoon?"

"Yeah, I just got off work." Megan works part-time at the local library. Hardly anyone goes there so she sits and reads books all day, a dream job for a bookworm like her. "Have you been in bed since last night?"

"Yes," I mumble, using my forearm to shield the light from my eyes.

"Don't you have to be at work soon?"

I groan. "At five."

"Where's it at?"

"Greenwich." I sit up. "It's already four?"

"Yeah. You're gonna be late. It could take you an hour to get there with traffic."

"Shit!" I kick the sheet back and stumble out of bed to the bathroom.