Secrets Kept

By: Allie Everhart

Chapter One

"How about this one?" I appear in Megan's room in yet another outfit.

"It's good," Megan says, barely glancing away from her laptop.

"You didn't even look!" I walk up to her bed where she's half lying, half sitting, propped up by a gazillion pillows, all shapes, sizes, and colors. The girl loves pillows.

"This is the tenth outfit you've tried on. I have things to do. I don't have time for a two-hour fashion show." She types away on her laptop.

"This is the last one. I promise. Just look."

She sighs and sets her laptop aside. Her eyes move over my very short, very tight black dress.

"Is that yours?"

"A girl at work gave it to me. It was too small on her."

"Is she a hooker by night?" Megan snickers.

I look down at the dress. "Is it really that bad?"

"It's kinda slutty but I'm sure Kurt won't think so. I'm sure he'll love it. Go with that one." She picks up her laptop and gets back to work.

"I'm trying to look sexy, not slutty." I walk over to her mirror and check out the dress. "I don't think it's slutty."

"If you're just hanging out at Kurt's apartment having sex, then it's fine." She types really fast on her laptop. She types faster than anyone I know and rarely makes a mistake.

"We're doing more than that." I walk back over to her. "I don't know what he has planned. He hasn't said. But given that it's our anniversary, I'm sure we'll go someplace nice for dinner. Maybe go out for drinks." I sit down on her bed, causing the dress to slide up so much it nearly exposes the overpriced lacy pink panties I bought just for tonight.

Quickly standing up, I say, "You're right. This dress is too slutty. I can't even sit down."

"Told you." She smiles briefly, still furiously typing. She's on deadline for a story. She's a part-time writer for an online magazine based out of New York. She gets paid almost nothing but she took the job so she'd have something to put on her resume. She graduated last May with a journalism degree but can't find a job, or at least not the job she wants, which is to be a reporter for a national newspaper.

"Then which one did you like?" I ask, frustrated with myself for spending so much time on this. I've wasted the past hour trying to figure out what to wear. That's in addition to the hour I spent doing my hair and makeup. Kurt better appreciate all this effort.

"Just pick whatever you're most comfortable in." She shoves up her glasses and keeps typing.

"Megan, would you just focus on this for two seconds? I need your help."

She looks at me. "White sundress." Her eyes go back to her laptop.

"Isn't it too summery? Summer's basically over."

"Kate, I can't talk right now. Just pick something. You're trying way too hard. You're gorgeous and skinny. You look good in anything." She waves me away, one hand still typing.

Back in my room, I survey the clothes strewn all over my bed. She's right. Why am I trying so hard? Kurt will love whatever I wear. Because he loves me.

I smile at that. Kurt, the hot, sexy bartender that every girl wants, is all mine. And he loves me.

Today is our eight month anniversary and I'm going to surprise him by showing up early for our date. I was supposed to meet him at his apartment at seven but my catering job was cancelled, leaving my afternoon free.

"Okay, I'm going," I yell at Megan just before three. I decided to wear the first outfit I tried on, a bright coral dress that's classy but also short and sexy and shows off my summer tan. My naturally straight hair has been curled into soft waves, just the way Kurt likes it, and I'm wearing the perfume he gave me for our two-month anniversary. I love that he's so romantic, insisting we celebrate each month we're together.

His apartment is just outside of town. It's old and needs some repairs but it's cheap so he's able to afford it without having a roommate. That's why we usually hang out at his place. Not that Megan minds if I have Kurt over, but there's really no reason to go to our place when we can have privacy at his and not bother Megan while she's trying to work.

Sneaking up to his apartment, I quietly put the key he gave me in the lock and slowly open the door. I peek inside and see him coming out of his room wearing just a towel, his toned muscles on display. He's so freaking hot. Sometimes I can't believe he's dating me. Not that I'm unattractive. It's just that Kurt could have any girl he wants and he chose me.