Show Me The Honey (Sweet & Dirty BBW #1)(87)

By: Cathryn Cade

“Well, since your property runs all the way down to the lake, there’s room to build one next to the BeeHive. Not a fancy place, just a top-notch steak & rib house. Place with good food, good beer and drinks where folks can eat and then stick around to get a little rowdy to some live music. We could even build a dock on the shore, so folks could come up the lake by boat to eat if they want.”

He looked at her. “Whaddya think?”

Lindi pressed her face into his shoulder and giggled.

“What?” Jack demanded, stiffening, his brows lowering. “I’m not without experience, woman—owned half interest in a supper club in Cali. That’s one of the sales I finalized while I was down there.”

“No, I l-love it,” she managed. “It’s a wonderful idea. I just thought of the perfect name. You can c-call it ‘The Stinger’.”

Jack relaxed and let loose his deep, raucous belly laugh, his body shaking under hers. “Damn—just might have to do that.”

When their laughter had quieted, Lindi gave him a grave look. “Jack, what about the club? The Devil’s Flyers—are you going to join, or whatever, and start hanging out with them?”

He considered this. “Nah, I been independent for years, since I left Redding, and it’s what I’m used to. Stick knows Keys and I won’t stir shit if we’re here but not patched in locally. We’ll have to stay solid with the chapter, help out when needed. But I’ll tell you this—I won’t be off partyin’ and raisin’ hell with the brothers all the time. And I won’t be goin’ on the road more than once or twice a year.”

“And when you do, I get payback,” she decided. “Girl’s weekend at the casino and spa.”

“Sounds fair enough.”

“And you’ll wear a wedding ring,” she told him. “So those club women know you are taken.”

He grinned at her. “Damn, woman. Next thing you’ll have a ring through my nose so you can yank on it if I don’t come runnin’ fast enough.”

“Euww,” she protested. Then she had a wicked idea. “But maybe you could get one of those apra-hoohahs, you know. Penis piercings. I hear they’re really fun for the woman.”

Jack gave her a look of horror. “An apradavya? Oh, no, woman. Don’t even go there. I ain’t getting’ no metal stuck through my cock. You’ll take me big and hard and natural and like it.”

She sighed wistfully, but then gave it up and tipped her head down, giggling against his chest. “I love your cock just the way it is, Jack Moran.”

“That’s good.” He tugged on her hair, tipping her face up to his, his gaze soft. “I know your daddy left scars on your heart, honey. You sure you’re ready to gamble on a ramblin’ man like me?”

Lindi smiled at him. “Yes, Jack. If you’re willing to gamble on a woman who jumps to conclusions first and remembers to ask her man for an explanation second.”

He chuckled. “Oh, yeah. I’ll take the sting, because I know you’ll always show me the honey.”

The End