Surprise Mate (Reynolds Pack #4)

By: Becca Van

Reynolds Pack 4: Surprise Mate

Justine Langley thought she was content with her lone life of driving road trains across the Australian Continent. That was until her rig broke down and she met Shayne, Mick, and Trent Reynolds.

Shayne, Mick, and Trent know that the blonde-haired, blue-eyed sprite is their mate and are adamant to do anything and everything they can to keep her at their sides. Since Justine is drawn to the three men and can barely draw a full breath whenever she looks at their handsome faces and their tall, buff bodies, she finds herself agreeing to be their mate. However, there’s something wrong with the mating bond, causing her uncertainties to surge forth.

But that’s not the only problem. Someone has been watching Justine, and every time she tries to see where the bad vibes are coming from, she can’t get a pinpoint. When she ends up facing the danger head on, she’ll be in a fight for her life.

Chapter One

Justine cursed when she heard a weird sound coming from the engine of her truck. The vehicle became sluggish and began to slow. She cursed again when she heard a grinding noise and took her foot off the accelerator before aiming her cab toward the side of the road. She glanced in her side mirror to make sure the three trailers of her road train were on the shoulder of the road, too. As soon as the vehicle and the attached trailers full of goods weren’t blocking any traffic that might come along, she turned the ignition off.

Justine cursed up a blue streak as she gnawed on her lower lip and tried to figure out what to do. She was a contract delivery driver, picking and choosing the jobs that she wanted, which meant she didn’t have to answer to anyone but herself. What pissed her off the most right at this moment—other than the fact she was stuck out in the middle of nowhere—was that she’d just had her truck serviced, and now this. If it hadn’t been the middle of the night, she would have called her mechanic to give him a mouthful. Although as her anger began to subside, her brain kicked in. The problem may not have been visible even to an experienced diesel mechanic.

She had been looking forward to the money from this job. She’d taken out a loan for her truck and planned on making the last payment to own the truck outright, but now would probably end up having to spend that money on getting her rig fixed. Luckily, she was ahead on her payments so she could afford to skip a few months. She was good with whatever cash she brought in and had a nest egg for predicaments like this.

With a sigh of resignation, she turned the interior light on and rummaged around for the small book, which contained her contact list. She was an always-be-prepared kind of girl and had a list of mechanics’ names and numbers written down. Before each job, she always planned out her route and prepared a list in case of emergencies, which she also marked on a map.

She grabbed her map and slid her finger down the road she taken out of Broken Hill along the A32, the Barrier Highway, as she’d headed toward Adelaide, South Australia from Sydney, New South Wales. She had broken down just after the Timber Reserve. Now that she knew exactly where she was, she looked for the nearest purple dot she’d placed on the map, which indicated nearby mechanics. She was surprised to find one on the west side of Silverton and wondered why a mechanic would set up shop where there didn’t seem to be a town, but when she glanced at her notes in her contact book, she decided she would call him. She’d even listed the man’s name and hoped that Mick Reynolds wouldn’t get pissed off at being woken up in the wee hours of the morning, but first she needed to look for a road train driver to take the load to Adelaide. She wished she could wait and then continue on when her rig was fixed, but she had a deadline to meet. If she missed it, she wasn’t likely to get any more work from the company for which she was delivering.

Since she’d gotten her Heavy Rigid license she’d met and talked to a lot of other truck drivers over the CB radio and was glad she knew exactly who to contact to finish the job she’d started. There was a middle-aged man in Broken Hill who had a great reputation for being on time so she called him.

As she waited for Perry to meet up with her, she wondered if she should call the mechanic now or wait until morning. Once the load was safely on its way with Perry, she could crawl into the back of her cab and get some shut-eye. The only problem would be when she woke up in the morning needing a toilet, but she wasn’t objectionable to squatting behind a bush to relieve herself. She had food and drinks in her minifridge so she wouldn’t get dehydrated or hungry. Plus, other than towing her truck to the workshop tonight, there was no way Mick Reynolds would start working on her engine until it was daylight, so the decision was made. She would wait until morning before calling Mick.