Taming His Wolf

By: Lynn Hagen

Dark Knights 3

Joelle liked boring, predictable, and safe. Though that kind of life left something lacking. But all that changed when Kivani walked through the door. He was exciting, unpredictable, wild, and scared Joelle, too. Joelle wanted to give his life a little shake, but Kivani is determined to turn Joelle’s life upside down.

Kivani Davenport uprooted his life and moved to the city to be one of the Dark Knights. He also left his old life behind to get away from his cousin. Ethan has been a thorn in Kivani’s side for nearly three hundred years, but when he shows up in town, Kivani fears for his mate’s safety. Ethan is a Hunter, and he’s set his sights on Joelle.

Can Kivani save his mate from Ethan’s twisted games, or will Ethan hand Joelle over to the new evil that has invaded the city?

Chapter One

It was an okay housewarming party, though Joelle didn’t feel as if he belonged. Which was why he was wall-flowering it. Henry, the host, had invited Ryan, and Ryan had invited Joelle. Talk about awkward. But delicious eye candy was sitting on the couch—three of them to be exact. Friends of Henry’s boyfriend.

Devil and Nyx—Ryan and Henry’s fellas—were out on the bedroom balcony, and Henry and Ryan themselves were in the kitchen. There were three guys sitting on the couch, watching the television.

And there Joelle stood, feeling totally invisible. But that was nothing new. Joelle had felt ignored by hot guys his entire life. Why should today be any different?

I shouldn’t have come. Who am I kidding? He wasn’t a social person. He never had been. He’d spent his teenage years mostly reading and helping his mom in the kitchen. Now that he was an adult, he spent most of his time reading and going over to his mom’s to help her in the kitchen.

The collar of his button-down shirt felt like it was choking him. Joelle tugged at it and wished he’d worn something more casual.

“How’re you hanging in there?” Henry asked when he set a plate of chicken wings on the counter next to the bottles of booze. Joelle was surprised he’d asked. Henry hadn’t hidden his dislike of Joelle very well because he thought Joelle was trying to steal his best friend. But that wasn’t the case. Ryan constantly came over to Joelle’s apartment and dragged him out, claiming Joelle needed to stop being a hermit.

Joelle was perfectly fine curled up on his couch with his nose in a book when he didn’t have to work. He also suspected Henry didn’t like him because Joelle was a hairstylist—or used to be before he was promoted to district manager of three Pimp Your Hair stores—and Ryan had told him that Henry’s secret wish was to own his own salon.

Even though Joelle now did the paperwork instead of cutting hair, he still helped out whenever anyone was shorthanded, but he truly missed being a stylist full-time. Managerial work sucked.

But he couldn’t afford to live in the building if he simply cut hair. The salary wouldn’t pay his rent, let alone his other bills and food.

He did, however, have a few high-end clients on the side whom he made house calls for. What corporate didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them, and the extra cash helped.

“I’m okay.” Joelle held up his cup as his fake-ass smile stretched across his face. He wasn’t sure if Henry was over his hatred or simply being polite.

“You should try some wings,” Henry offered. “Ryan made them.”

“Maybe in a little while.” Joelle’s brownie points with Henry were already in the negative. He didn’t want to tell the guy he was vegan.

Joelle jumped when someone kicked at the door so hard he thought the police were on the other side trying to break in. The television was a bit loud, and the men watching some basketball game and shouting as if they had money at stake was ear-piercing.

“I got it!” Henry hollered over the noise. Joelle contemplated slipping away. Would anyone really notice if he left? Probably not.

When Henry swung the door open, Joelle crushed his plastic red cup in his grip, uncaring that the red liquid spilled over his hand. The newcomer was the hottest guy Joelle had ever encountered. And that was saying something, considering all the guys in Ryan’s apartment were gorgeous. Including Ryan and Henry.