Tempted By Trouble

By: Susan Arden

The Doctor & The Rancher

Bad Boys Western Romance Series, Book #1

Praise for Susan Arden

“From the moment they meet, sparks fly between Matt and Carolina. Susan Arden expertly creates incredible sexual tension that builds and builds until the characters (and the reader!) can barely stand it. When they finally give in, the sex is explosive and incredibly well-written. Some of the scenes literally took my breath away."--Gillian Pemberton

“Where can I find a ranch with men the likes of Matt! *swoon* And Carolina is a fiesty, red-hot woman, who happens to be a large animal vet that Matt has hired (sight) unseen. Little do they know that their immediate sparks at her cousins wedding will lead to the most amazing, full on wild ride!"--Jen with Moments in West FL

“If you love well written, erotic romances, this is for you… if this author ever turns her hand to romantic suspense, I think she'd be fabulous. BTW it has one of the most amazing scenes I've ever read in a romance novel - the heroine, a vet helps the hero deliver a calf. It also has one of the most romantic closing scenes I've ever read.”—Maria Perry Mohan

Chapter One

July. Miami, Florida.

Carolina Rodriguez angled the large Sprinter van around the parked cars of her family and friends. The magnets advertising her business were stowed in back. She parked near the side entrance to the chapel and gave her cousin a shake. “Sleepy head, we’re here.”

“I’m up!” Sam’s delicate brows drew together above her sunglasses. “Gosh, my head is splitting.”

“It’s still attached to your shoulders, so you’d better get a move on. My mom is pointing to her watch and saying something. Correction, she’s walking this way.”

“Crud, from her expression, Tia is on the war path. What time is it?”

“Five past four.” Carolina gathered up her cousin’s purse in an effort to avoid a lecture.

“We’re late.” Sam grimaced, lifting up her sunglasses. “No wonder Tia looks upset.”

Carolina smiled and waved at her mom. “By a few minutes. Besides, you look fabulous.”

“You mean for someone who spent the entire night drinking?”

“It was memorable and wasn’t that the point? Your last night as a single woman deserves to go down in history.”

“Mission accomplished, Caro!” Sam slipped on her sandals in a hurry.

“Hey, I simply complied with a smashing bachelorette party.” Carolina’s grin widened. “Sam, you’re really lucky.”

“Yep.” Her cousin nodded. “I can’t believe after four years, I’m about to see my dream become my life.” Sam twisted her engagement ring and her lips started to tremble.

“No, don’t you start crying,” Carolina ordered. Sam tried to smile except now her chin was also trembling. Her cousin’s eyes filled with tears, then a sting hit the back of Carolina’s lids. “Good grief! Aren’t we a pair! Here.” She held out a tissue as her eyes blurred with unshed tears.

“We’re the best kind!” Sam laughed, pulling down the visor. She dabbed at the corner of her eye just as Carolina’s mom opened the van door.

 “Ay, chicas. Are you both loco? Really Carolina, of all the days to revolt.”

“This wasn’t a revolution. We had to celebrate Sam’s last night of freedom.”

Sonya frowned. “Cynthia, say goodbye to my wayward daughter. We need to get you dressed.”

“Mom, we aren’t that late.”

“Late is late,” Sonya huffed. “You two have always pushed limits. Well, we’ll see how you do now that you’re about to be separated.” Her mom turned to the young man tapping her on the shoulder.

Carolina rolled her eyes. It was true. As cousins, friends, confidants, she and Sam—aka Cynthia—had been inseparable until now. With Sam getting married, they’d be off to their own adventures for the first time in twenty-six years. They’d grown up in Miami, only months apart in age. They had attended St. Teresa’s Academy from kindergarten thru high school. Both of them had lost a parent. Both of them had suffered heartache from a jackass.