The Best Lesson Learned(2)

By: Charlie Conwell

“I didn’t want to draw mom, she doesn’t want to be at home. I love you and you love me. See we have a big heart that we are in. Did I do a bad thing?”

I know I have talk to Beth because it’s clear my son is hurting. “Why do you think mom doesn’t want to be here?”

“She was here and said she is going away. I wanted to give her a hug, but she didn’t let me.”

He looks so sad and curls into my chest. I hold him close rocking him and I look at Beth.

“I was going to talk to you about it when he went to bed. He was upset when Orla left and that’s when we did some drawing. He did that all on his own and didn’t say why Orla wasn’t in the drawing.”

I’m so angry at Orla for upsetting Cory like this and unfortunately, this is not the first time it’s happened.

“You know I love you buddy and I’m sure mom loves you too. I will talk to her and we will have a nice family day so that we can all be together, get lots of cuddles and have lots of fun.”

He pokes his head out from my chest. “Can we go to the fair?”

I start to laugh because the fair arrived in town and every time we drive past; his eyes light up. “I think that would be a great idea. We will go the minute mom gets back from her work trip.”

“No mommy, tomorrow with Beth, it will be fun, and Beth loves teddy bears.”

Beth chokes on the tea she is drinking. “I think your mommy wants it to be a family thing buddy, I can go another time. I do love teddies, you’re right about that, but I think you want a teddy for yourself.”

He pouts at the first part and then tries to hide his smile at the mention of teddy bears. I start to tickle him making him squirm and start to laugh.

“No mommy, no tickles…please, no tickles.”

I tickled him for a minute or two more before stopping and he gives me the biggest cuddle.

“Okay buddy, bath time, then bed, go ahead up to your room and I’ll be there in just a minute.”

He kisses my cheek, runs to the door, and then stops. “Can I bring my dinosaur into the bath too?”

I laugh and nod my head. “Sure, buddy but just one, okay?”

He pouts, gives me puppy dog eyes and holds up two little fingers. “Two dinosaurs?”

Beth starts to laugh as she watches the negotiations, knowing that he will get two dinosaurs.

“Okay buddy, two dinosaurs, deal?”

He nods his head. “Deal.”

He runs off and when he is out of earshot, I turn to Beth. “What happened when Orla was here?”

She looks uncomfortable but sighs. “She was her busy self, rushing in and out like a whirlwind. She asked me about staying and that she would be gone on the trip. Cory heard her and came to give her a hug. She didn’t look at him and didn’t acknowledge him at all. I will be honest with you Kim, she looked as if he was a bother to her and would rather have not seen him at all.”

It hurts me to hear this and I really need to speak to Orla to find out what the hell is going on. “Thank you for telling me, I will talk to Orla about this. I’m not happy with how she has treated our boy. I will go and see to Cory. Have you spoken to Yvonne about staying here? Is she okay with it?”

Beth’s eyes light up at the mention of her girlfriend, which makes me smile. “Yeah, she is fine with it and she knows that I will call when Cory’s in bed. Plus, when you’re back, I can still meet up and spend time with her. I want to talk to you about something when you’re free.”

I give her a concerned look and she laughs. “It’s not bad, just a little advice, that’s all.”

“Sure, I’ll get his lordship settled then I’ll be back down and we can talk.”

I spend the next forty minutes bathing Cory and reading him a story. I kiss him goodnight and he settles down to sleep. I have his nightlight on and leave the door ajar. Going back downstairs, Beth has made us some tea. She also baked cookies and has some on a plate for us.

I sit on the cuddle chair, pull my feet up under me take a sip of my tea and a bite of one of the cookies.

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

Beth puts down her mug and moves to look at me. “Yvonne and I have been trying to have a baby for quite a while now and… she is just over three months. I wanted to tell you before, but we decided to wait until after the first trimester.”