The Best Lesson Learned(4)

By: Charlie Conwell

“You think she has cheated again. I can’t believe she would do that after everything you’ve been through. She thinks she’s all mighty and God’s gift to women, well let me tell you, she isn’t. I’m sorry Kim, I know you love her and that you’re my boss, but you’re also my friend and I hate to see you hurt. She almost destroyed you last time. You need to confront her head on when she decides to come crawling back from God knows where doing whatever with whoever. You deserve more Kim and so does Cory. He is the sweetest little boy and it kills me to see how she treats him. He’s your double in mannerisms and kindness.”

“Beth, we don’t know that she has cheated. She could be busy with the new client trying to get that account. She may have a reasonable explanation for this.”

Beth looks at me incredulously. “Okay answer me this, when is the last time you and she had sex?”

My eyes widen. “Beth, you can’t ask me that, that’s a very personal question.”

Beth chuckles and shrugs. “We are friends, so I can ask it. Yvonne and I had sex last night and again this morning while Cory was at his play date. Now, you tell me, when you were intimate with Orla last.”

I blush and try to buy some time by taking another drink. Beth folds her arms and looks at me sternly. “Talk to me Kim, you know you can talk to me about anything.”

I put the bottle down on the table and curl my feet under me again. “Yes, I know I can talk to you about anything and I do…”

“Come on Kim, you’re thinking something, talk it out and let’s see if I can help you both.”

“Beth, since Orla has been working toward the partnership, she works long hours and you know that most of the time, it’s me that relieves you in the evening time. Even on weekends she has stopped staying at home and is gone into the office. I support her and at the beginning, she was excited about getting home to Cory and me, but the last four months neither of us have seen much of her. When she’s here, she either eats and sleeps or works until I’m asleep, before coming to bed. She wants to achieve and that’s great, but lately, I feel that she’s not happy in our relationship. We haven’t been intimate for the last seven or eight months. She doesn’t hug Cory and what you said about the other day, I have seen before. She dismisses him and looks at him as if he doesn’t exist. I don’t know how to reach her anymore. Every time I bring it up, she just palmed me off saying she was busy and then the next day she comes home with flowers and a new toy for Cory. I don’t know if she is cheating on me, but I have the worry she is.”

I take a breath after letting out what I have thought and felt for a while now. Saying it has made my mind start to analyse the different manner and how she has treated us.

“Kim, you know that there is an issue, if she isn’t cheating, there is still a problem. Cory is feeling it more every day. He has asked me so many times if he is being a bad boy because Orla doesn’t like him. His face lights up when you come home but he becomes so withdrawn at times. He is sad Kim and I don’t like it. He doesn’t deserve this and neither do you. When she comes back you need to see exactly where you stand and see what you need to do to go forward. I need to ask, are you strong enough to make a very difficult decision if you need to make it?”

“You mean, do I have the strength to leave her and kick her out?”

“Yes, that’s what I’m asking, for your own sanity and happiness and the happiness of that little boy. I know it would be difficult and scary raising him alone, but you have the love that boy needs. In my opinion, Orla wants out but hasn’t done anything about it. She doesn’t want Cory and sees him as just a nuisance in her way. I don’t know why or how she could be so cruel to him. I know I’ve spoken out of turn and I apologise but I love that little boy and I know him more than his own mom.”

I break down in tears. Her words are honest, but as they say, the truth hurts. Beth pulls me into her arms and holds me until my tears subside. She hands me a tissue from the box on the table. I blow my nose and look at her miserably.