The Dentist and His Fox

By: AJ Jarrett

It’s the start of a brand new life for Reed Ingram. He’s just graduated dental school and is opening his own practice. With the encouragement of his brother and the Nehalem pack, he’s making a home in Silver Creek. Little does he know he's about to find so much more than a place to set down roots.

Love doesn’t exist, and Dane Forum wants no part of it. He was raised by an absentee father and a mother who thought love meant controlling everything and everyone. Dane isn’t sure he believes that there is a mate out there for him…that is, until he walks into Dr. Ingram’s office. Dane’s life is flipped upside down and sent into a tailspin because now he’s feeling so many emotions and—dare he say it?—love.

Life is short, and love doesn’t come along often. Now, it’s up to Reed to prove to Dane that love is real and worth fighting for.

Nehalem Pack 37

Chapter One

“I can’t believe out of all the professions you could have chosen, you wanted to be a dentist.” Dawson shook his head and looked across the pile of wood they were trying to assemble into an entertainment center. Damn IKEA. “Why, man?”

“Here we go again,” Reed whispered under his breath. They’d had this conversation plenty since Reed was sixteen years old, and told his big brother that he wanted to be a dentist. It was a great career choice. Anything in the medical field had longevity. In Reed’s opinion, it was an amazing path for him to take.

“I’m being absolutely serious, Reed.” Dawson raised his hand to scratch at his forehead. “I read somewhere that dentists have the highest suicide rate amongst all professions. The highest!” Dawson shouted. “And you know why? Because they cause other people pain.”

“Oh, dear God.” Reed groaned. He loved his brother and knew that Dawson was only looking out for him, but he’d had enough of the doom and gloom dentist talk. Sure, dentists inflicted a small amount of pain on their patients, but it was for their own good. He also helped people. “You have issues, Dawson.”

“Yeah, he does.” Wyatt, Dawson’s mate, walked into the room. He was laughing. “Daws, baby, I think it’s awesome that we have a dentist in the family. Free dental care. Bonus especially now that we have a kid. A kid who thinks suckers are a food group. I swear if you give him one more, I’m going to cut you off.”

“Babe!” Dawson exclaimed in a shocked tone. “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I would.” Wyatt glared at Dawson, but the smile curling his lips took away the sting it was supposed to inflict.

It had been two years since Dawson and Wyatt had become mates. They argued all the time, but never in a hurtful manner. Reed had figured out it was foreplay for them. Reed was happy that his brother had finally found someone to love and someone to love him back. Dawson was a good man who had lost his way, but thanks to Wyatt he was back on track with his life and was a good husband to Wyatt, and an even more amazing father to their son Braxton.

“Can you two please not do that in front of me?” Reed tapped his hammer on one end of the entertainment center, connecting the two pieces. “We all know what it will lead to.”

“Reed, we’d never do that in your home.” Wyatt nodded his head.

“We wouldn’t?” Dawson darted his gaze from Wyatt to Reed and back again. “Wyatt, let’s be honest here. The only way this house is going to get christened is if it’s us doing it. Because God knows that my baby brother here won’t make time for a little fun.”

Reed wanted to be offended by his brother’s remarks, but he was right. Reed had been so consumed with school and lining up a job after he graduated, that he hadn’t been out on a date in two years. Some might think he was lonely but he wasn’t. Reed was too busy to have time to be lonely.

“I’ll have fun once everything is settled and calmed down.” Reed looked over at his brother.

“I hope so, because all work and no play will make Reed a very dull boy.”

“You ass!” Reed chuckled as he tossed the plastic bag the screws for the entertainment center had come in at his brother.