The Devils Baby(87)

By: Cilla Lee

“Let’s go home than” she says smiling, I put Logan in his car seat and take one last look at the window I’d seen Jordan at. But he’s not there, I jump into the car and don’t look back as she drives out of the compound my heart a little broken.



Life got back to normal after Jordan got back home the club was in a good place there were no enemies lurking around the corner. Brandy had decided to move out but not far she got her own apartment in town and was working at the Den, life was good for now. Zoey was still working at the garage and was looking forward to her sixteenth Birthday in two days, she’d been reading her driving book for the past week just counting down the days until she got her license. Something I wasn’t looking forward to, but I trusted her she was smart and had a lot of common sense for a teenager.

Sitting on the front porch nursing Logan life seemed amazing, I had the man of my dreams an amazing little boy a fantastic sister and a family that meant the world to me. Love freedom and contentment that’s was what life was worth living for and I was living it every day……