The Jock and the Geek(84)

By: Sidney Bristol

Oliver cupped her face and gently kissed her.

Everything stopped—the urgency to get on the road, her need for oxygen, her thoughts. The only thing that mattered was this moment. Here. With him.

“We have to leave now, or not at all.” Oliver stroked his hand down her back.

“Go.” She shoved him away. As much as she’d like nothing more than to spend a little quality alone time with him, this trip meant taking a great, big leap into the future. With Oliver by her side.

Within moments, they had their bags in hand and were out the door, piling into Oliver’s little car. Sam practically giggled, trying to fit everything for a four-day trip into the trunk. The amount of stuff they were taking with them was ridiculous, but then again wedding dresses weren’t exactly small things.

In the end, she wound up with one bag under her legs, another in her lap and one on the console between them.

“We seriously have to have another car.” She shook her head and laughed.

“How about you just get one, period?”

“Maybe I can ask Dad if that could be our wedding present?”

“You think he knows?” Oliver steered the car out of the garage and into traffic.

“No. Mom and Dad have been telling me it’s okay to not get married for a few more years.” Sam rolled her eyes.

Then again, she couldn’t fault them. What with everything going on in her sister’s lives, she could see them wanting some things to stay the same. Only, Sam was done scurrying around behind everyone’s backs. She wanted to be free to be in love with Oliver. And this was for them.

Oliver pointed the car toward the airport and reached for her hand.

In a few, short hours, they’d hit the beach and she’d become Mrs. Samantha Falcón. It had a nice ring to it.

This was a chapter of her life she was ready for, because what came next could only get better.

Oliver stared out at the ocean, his stomach in knots. The sun was touching the horizon, bathing the sky in a multitude of colors.

He’d dreamed of this day for so long.

Granted, in his dreams they had Sam’s family around them with friends mixed in, but this? This was better. Because it was for them.

“Okay, streaming in five…four…three…two…and, you’re on.” The hotel attendant tasked with manning Oliver’s cell phone gave him a thumbs up.

Oliver dropped his gaze to the screen. The light glinting off the surface made it hard to see the people watching, but he knew they were there. Rashae was instrumental to this whole plot, and she knew how to pull some crazy things out of thin air.

“Ready, young man?” The officiate smiled at him and waggled his eyebrows.

“Ready.” Oliver dug his toes into the sand and gripped the wedding band in his fingers.

The boom box blared a jazzy rendition of The Wedding March.

Oliver bit his lower lip.

Sam peaked out from one of the changing cabanas, one hand cupped over her ear.

The hotel attendant waved her on and picked up the phone, aiming the camera at her.

Oliver held his breath as she stepped out from behind the blue-striped tent.

She wore some sort of body-hugging, knee-length, beaded dress that sparkled in the setting sun. It felt as though an invisible hand wrapped around his heart, forcing it to beat in time to her steps, which were slowly coming toward him.

Sam was his future, everything precious and good in his life. He couldn’t wait to spend forever with her.

She held out her hands and he took them in his. Breathing deep he caught the scent of her perfume. She leaned closer.

“I saw one of those Lochness-Monster-looking things that were just released on the Nearby,” she whispered.

“Seriously?” He hadn’t heard of anyone actually getting one yet.

“Yeah, we need to hurry this up.”

“Uh, are you two ready?” The officiate glanced from one to the other.

Sam hunched her shoulders and chuckled.

Oliver grinned. They were complete opposites, totally wrong for each other in so many ways, and yet—they fit.

She was the best catch of his life.