The Jock and the Geek

By: Sidney Bristol

The Jock and the Geek Gone Geek 3

Samantha Grant is at a dead end in life. Fired from her job because her father happens to be the Secretary of State is just the icing on the cake. At least she has Monster-Go to fill her empty hours. Except she's not the only one playing the augmented reality phone game. Her ex, the jockiest jock of all is, too. And he just happens to be on the rival team. She'll take this competition to a whole new level in the name of winning the title as the best Monster Master in the Capital.

Oliver Falcón is in love with his boss' daughter. The problem is, she hates him with the passion of a thousand, fiery suns. He broke her heart to protect her once, and now he wants her back. Strategy has always been his gift, and this time he's got a plan to not only win Sam back, but show her just how much he belongs in her world. He's gone geek, and he's never going back. Past secrets haunt the former lovers, and as much as Oliver wants Sam back in his arms, he'll break her heart again if it means protecting her.


Oliver Falcón knew she was there. He didn’t even have to look to know she’d entered the ballroom for the state dinner. There was simply an awareness of her. Always had been. Always would be.

He turned casually from the French dignitary so he could glimpse the entrance of Secretary of State Timothy Grant and his family. Timothy’s history of supporting the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and subsequent political career had made him a favorite for the office when he was asked to consider it. He was a man who spoke softly and carried a big stick, as the Americans liked to say. But tonight it wasn’t Oliver’s boss who commanded his attention. It was the young woman behind him, the one wearing a polite, if bored, expression.

Samantha Grant.

She hadn’t said a kind word to Oliver in years, and yet the sight of her always made him smile.

How was she doing?

How was she handling this transition period?

He wanted to ask her, to find out how she was doing, but she’d never give him a straight answer.

She’d been forced to leave her public relations position with a prominent Senator because of her father’s new role in the government. The last Oliver had heard she was “taking time to herself to evaluate her career path.” Polite words that meant her options were limited due to her father’s success. Oliver doubted that she’d stepped down without a fight. She’d probably given one hell of a Hail Mary before the score was tallied. For as long as he’d known her, Sam had never given up on what she wanted. Once she made her mind up, that was it. He even had the scars to prove it.

Her gaze swept the ballroom. He held his breath.

Would she look him in the eye?

Not this time.

Her gaze skipped over him without so much as a raised eyebrow or a hint of acknowledgement. He’d simply ceased to exist in her world. The way it had been between them since college. Try as he might to bridge the gap, she didn’t want to make amends.

They were bitter rivals.

Like the Yankees and the Red Socks.

The Packers and the Bears.

Could he blame her? Ten years and change later, he still felt the deep bite of guilt for what he’d done to her. That her father treated him like a son made it that much worse, and he was acutely aware of that.


“Sorry, you were saying?” He shifted his attention back to Hugues Durand. As part of the Secretary of State’s staff, Oliver had to have big ears and Hugues liked to talk.

Oliver focused on what the man was saying, his concerns about the future of the European market and America’s place in it all. He was barking up the wrong tree. Secretary of State Grant had very concrete ideas about trade and the markets weren’t going to be shifted by one person’s wants. Oliver couldn’t say that, however.

Sam strolled into his line of sight, shadowing her older sister, Lily. She was…radiant. Her pale blue, sparkling evening gown hugged all the right curves while remaining tasteful. She had the gift of simple elegance without even trying. In a room full of people, she stood out. Poised. Ready. Articulate. Intelligent. Many people assumed that her tendency to listen first meant she was a pushover, but Timothy Grant didn’t raise his daughters without a spine of steel. She’d grown up into a ballsy, take-no-prisoners woman—not all that dissimilar from the teenage girl who’d dressed him down, chewed him up, and spit him out with reason.