Their Masquerade(72)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

They dried her off as they discarded their boxers. Deacon came out and sat in the chair by the bed.

“How do you want it, baby?” Axel asked as he kissed along her neck, making goose bumps travel under her skin.

“In every hole, the way you want to.”

“Oh, fuck, baby, you know how to get me hard,” Axel said and then lay down on the edge of the bed. His legs were hanging off the side corner and then L.T. lifted her up so she could straddle him. She gripped Axel’s hard shaft and aligned her pussy with the mushroom top.

“Bring it on, honey, and get ready to get thoroughly fucked.”

Her eyes widened at his words as she lowered her body over his cock. She took him in slowly and opened her mouth to moan at the sensations. L.T. pressed his palm between her shoulder blades, as Axel cupped her breasts. She felt the cool liquid to her anus as Axel began to thrust up into her. She tried to ride him, but then Quentin placed his hand over her head, entwined his fingers in her hair, and tilted her head to the left edge of the bed. He held his cock in his hands and she licked her lips. “Every hole, as you asked, baby.”

“Open wide, Mariah. Let your men possess you and make love to you,” Deacon stated from the chair he remained sitting in and watching. Even that turned her on. As she licked the tip of Quentin’s cock, swirled her tongue over and around the base, Axel thrust upward. Quentin pushed deeper and then she pulled him in and began to bob her head up and down. Just as she started to get used to the odd rhythm of Quentin in her mouth and Axel in her pussy, thrusting upward, L.T. pressed his cock into her ass. She was on fire, but so filled with cock, she couldn’t do anything else but let them love her, control her body, and dominate her the way she’d always fantasized about. The sounds of their grunts and chants filled the room and Quentin came and then Axel. She thrust her ass back hard and L.T. smacked her ass.

Smack, smack, smack.

Three times and she exploded in pleasure with L.T. following suit and calling her name.

In the aftermath of their lovemaking, they gathered on the bed, turned off the lights, and snuggled together.

Her American soldiers, her lovers, and the only men she truly trusted with all her heart, body, and soul. She was finally home, and they were finally an ultimate part of her heart that could never be taken away.