Tight & Fertile

By: Natalie Crush

What's inside this book...

Mia has always wanted a baby of her own.

She needs a man much older. Someone who will give Mia the gift she's always desired.

Robbie pulled his old Ford F-150 truck into the empty school parking lot. I was nervous because it was about to be my first time with him. I met Robbie at community college in my Psych 101 class. We hit it off immediately and after our second date, I knew I wanted to do it with him.

Robbie leaned in and I closed my eyes as our lips met. We kissed after our first date and it was pretty good. This time was even better. Robbie sneaked a little tongue in and my veins pulsed with pleasure.

“Want to go in the back of the truck, Mia?” he asked me. A huge gulp went down his throat.

“Sure,” I replied shyly. We undid our seat belts and climbed out of the car. Robbie unlatched the back of the truck and helped me up into the bed. He had laid some comfy blankets down to make it more cozy.

Robbie joined me and we kissed again. He ran his fingers through my hair, staring deeply into my eyes. “You're so beautiful, Mia.”

My face went red and I couldn't keep eye contact with him. “Thank you.”

Robbie pulled my head in for another kiss. He shoved his tongue down my throat while his hands moved down my back and to my ass. He cupped my cheeks, squeezing hard. I could feel his pulsing cock against me, trapped within his jeans.

“I want you so bad,” he whispered in my ear.

“Then take me,” I replied.

Robbie lifted my shirt off and his eyes went wide at my big breasts flowing out of a tiny bra. He pushed my tits together and suffocated himself in my cleavage. His lips ran over every inch and my nipples became so erect.

I unlatched my bra and let it fall to the ground. Robbie took his shirt off and began unbuttoning his jeans. I helped him unzip and pulled them all the way down. The outline of his hardness was poking through his boxers.

“You want to be in my mouth?” I asked innocently.

Robbie nodded silently, his eyes growing bigger. Robbie lay against the side of the truck bed while I bent over and unleashed his juicy meat. I opened wide and let him enter my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the head of his penis and went up and down his shaft. I shoved him so far down that I almost gagged.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Robbie moaned. His cock was harder than ever. I sucked on him, watching his face closely to know when he was almost about to come.

I pulled his spear out of my mouth and let him have a breather. I sexily took of my jeans, wiggling my ass and bending over to give Robbie the best view. “Will you fuck me now?”

Robbie crawled over and mounted me. His bare cock was only inches away from my dripping wet pussy.

“Oh shit, I almost forgot,” Robbie exclaimed. He got up and went over to his jeans, pulling a condom out of the pocket.

“You don't need that,” I said.

“Well we need to be careful about accidents.”

“But it would feel so good to have your bare manliness filling me up inside.” I spread my legs and Robbie got to see everything.

Robbie looked at my pussy with his jaw hanging low. “Fuck, you're so hot. I want to come inside you so badly but we can't.”

Robbie ripped open the condom and the latex smell filled the air.

Fuck. I wasn't going to get my baby this time.

I almost wanted to get up and leave him there, but I was still so horny. Letting him have his way with me wasn't such a bad thing. Even if I was going to break up with him the next morning.

Robbie unrolled the condom over his erect cock and mounted me again. He groaned as his cock penetrated me. I wrapped my legs around him, forcing him deeper inside me. I played with my clit as Robbie thrust in and out of me.

“Fuck me harder, Robbie,” I yelled.

It was all too much for him to handle. Robbie's face contorted and I knew it was all over. A couple more pumps in and out and he was done. I didn't even get to finish.

There was a fleeting moment where I thought he was going to go down on me but that passed when he stood up and started getting dressed.

“Can you take me home?” I asked, snapping my bra back on.

“Of course,” Robbie replied, throwing the used condom in the bushes. The thought crossed my mind of stealing his cum and sticking it inside me. That was one way for me to get a baby. But Robbie wasn't the type of guy to stick around. I needed a man who could support me.