Twisted Desire

By: Sharon Kay


First, a huge, sincere THANK YOU to my readers. I hope you enjoy this Titan World story as my demons team up with humans for the first time (that I have committed to paper, anyway)! Your support, comments, and messages motivate me and mean more to me than I can possibly express.

Thank you to my amazing husband and son, and to my parents and siblings, my in-laws, and my extended family for your love and encouragement of my creativity.

Thank you Claudia, Cristin, and Jamie for beta reading this project. Your advice and help is invaluable!

Thank you to Kim Killion–you’ve created another stellar cover! And to Cheryl Murphy, for editing and formatting this story into a polished little novella. And thank you to my proofreader Toshia–you always catch stuff that the rest of us missed!

And a big hug and kiss to the many bloggers I have had the joy to work with. The support you give to indie authors is amazing. Many of you have jobs and families and still make time to read and review dozens (if not hundreds) of books each year, providing exposure for us through insightful and witty reviews, blog tours, cover reveals, and contests. THANK YOU!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Titan World books with stories ranging from military romance to paranormal to contemporary romance. There’s something for everyone—action-packed romance, swoon-worthy moments, and happily ever after!

When I started the Titan series, I wanted to combine my love of steamy romance and action-packed suspense. I wrote strong men and women who I hoped readers would fall in love with. I can’t think of anything more exciting than opening my world up to very talented authors to extend that experience so that you, the reader, can have a deeper connection to more than one book series at a time.

You will meet new characters and see them interact with familiar ones; you will also see the interpretation of the Titan universe through another author’s eyes. I hope that you take the time to experience each book in the Titan World series!

I’m excited for you to read Sharon Kay’s Twisted Desire, a sexy paranormal romance where the supernatural collides with the Titan Group in the hunt for a killer on the streets of Chicago. If you’re a fan of Titan’s Parker or Locke, then get ready for a smoking hot story with a new twist. I give you my word, this is one Titan story that you will love!

Thank you to my good friend Sharon and all the authors who took time out of their busy writing schedules to participate in this project. I think result is something truly special for Titan readers.

Titan hugs and happy reading,

Cristin Harber



WHEELS RUMBLED, AND STEEL SCREECHED as a train rolled along Chicago’s hundred-year-old elevated transit tracks. Twenty-five stories above, each clickety-clack and metallic shudder reached Rhys’s enhanced hearing as if he were standing on the platform. A crisp fall wind pushed insistently at his back as he and his fellow fighter, Jude, stood atop one of the city’s boxy office towers.

Rhys rubbed one shoulder and inhaled the scents of oil, diesel fuel, and exhaust fumes. No hint of supernatural creatures. “Smells like everyone’s gone home for the night.”

“Agreed.” Jude rested his hands on his hips. “Bet all those nymphs are in bed with some very happy men right now.”

Rhys laughed. Earlier in the evening they’d encountered a dozen nymphs posing as a bachelorette party. Giggly, friendly, and focused on sex, the nymphs’ intent was clear. Human men stood no chance against their wiles. Rhys and Jude had politely deterred them. Nymphs were always in the mood, and the men were on the job. Not to mention Rhys was happily and thoroughly mated.

But the rest of the night’s patrol had only yielded a witch struggling to cast a love spell. Now, an hour before dawn, Rhys’s mind was already on the curvy woman in his bed at home. Enza woke insanely early to bake pastries for her coffee shop, but if Rhys and Jude wrapped up early, he may get home in time to catch her in the shower—

The wail of a siren on the street below pierced his wandering thoughts, echoing off the metal and concrete buildings in rhythmic reverberations.

Jude cracked his neck as a second siren joined in, then a third. The two Watchers prowled to the edge of the flat roof. Red and blue flashes punctuated the darkness below as emergency vehicles zoomed by and continued west.