Two Knights in Camelot

By: Charlene Teglia

Once upon a time, Arthur married Guinevere and they lived happily ever after…until she fell in love with his knight, Lancelot. Forbidden passion for two men divided her loyalties. Being true to her heart meant giving herself to both of them, a choice that held devastating consequences. Their world collapsed as betrayal and jealousy tore them apart.

In present day Las Vegas, Art and Gwen meet Lance to launch the Excalibur anti-virus project. A true anti-virus solution has serious opposition from mobsters and hackers who profit from the status quo and soon the three are in a race to save Excalibur and themselves. But even if they succeed, their hearts remain in jeopardy as forbidden love refuses to die. Is history set to repeat itself? Or can three star-crossed lovers find a happy ending together?

Chapter One

In the crystal caves

“You’re an interfering old fool.” Morgana hissed the words through her teeth, her face tight with anger. Frustrated fury twisted her features into parody of her carefully cultivated seductive expression.

Had he truly ever been enchanted by her? It seemed impossible. But then, that was enchantment, wasn’t it? Alacazam, alacazee, what you want is what you see… Merlin shook his head at his foolishness, past and present, and decided not to argue that point with her.

“Fool? Possibly. Interfering? Coming from you, that’s the pot calling the kettle black. If you hadn’t interfered then, you wouldn’t be in this position now. I intend to see that this crucial time passes free from your brand of interference.”

Morgana rattled the cage he’d trapped her in and let out an inarticulate scream.

And then, like the conniving witch she was, she regained control of herself. Or at least of her power of speech. “It won’t make any difference,” she spat. “You’re too late by centuries. Their world is gone. It never could have lasted in any case. You can hardly blame me for it ending.”

“It could have lasted longer than it did,” Merlin pointed out in a mild voice.

“Pointless sentimentality.”

“Sentimental, I may be. Pointless? There we disagree. But then, you never could see the point of love.”

Morgana let out a derisive laugh. “Love? You think this is about love?”

“What else?”

“Power, you fool.” Scorn dripped from her voice. “Your little kingdom crumbled in a power play. It had nothing to do with love.”

“It had everything to do with love,” Merlin said softly. “And it will again.”

“The only thing that will happen again is precisely what happened before. She’ll betray them both and all three of them will end tragically. Again.” Morgana settled herself in a studied casual pose. “And I’ll have a front row seat to your inevitable disappointment. How amusing. Do you know, I believe I should thank you for making me your guest for the occasion.”

“What a spiteful viper you are.” At his words, the woman transformed into a snake, coiled and hissing. “You interfered with what they might have chosen before. They have another chance to choose now. And I will see to it that whatever future awaits them, it is one of their own choosing.”

The snake writhed furiously and abruptly became a woman again. “It won’t change anything. Camelot is gone forever.”

“Camelot, my dear Morgana, is in the heart. It was never anywhere else.”

With that, the wizard left his prisoner to her own devices.

* * * * *

Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

“Welcome to Sin City,” Gwen said as another brightly lit screen advertising dancers in costumes a drag queen would covet glittered overhead. “Are we sure this is a good idea? Settling the details for the company’s partnership over a weekend in Vegas?”

“Not just any weekend in Vegas. This is Defcon.” Art reached over and touched the back of her hand, brushing the diamond engagement ring she wore in the process.

“Every security professional in the country will be here. It’s the perfect place to settle the future of Excalibur Software. Besides, you’ll love the hotel. They do tournament re-enactments.”

Her fiance’s touch sent a thrum of anticipation through her. No matter how much business they had to deal with, there’d be opportunities for quality alone time. The