Unbridled and Unforbidden(20)

By: Elle Saint James

Chet suddenly sucked her clit hard and tight between his lips. Brianna came like a rocket-propelled grenade launcher aimed three inches from its target. No way to miss and volatile consequences upon contact. She exploded in ecstasy. Her back arched against Randall. She tilted her head toward the unseen ceiling and shrieked for all she was worth. From the depths of her soul bliss coursed through her entire body.

She sagged against Randall in depleted strength from the orgasm. Chet stood up slowly, a mischievous grin shaping his lips. He soon centered his cock between her pussy lips and pushed inside her. Randall cupped her breasts and held her against his chest while Chet pushed his cock deeply into her slick, waiting pussy.

Doubly penetrated and most assuredly satisfied, Brianna felt completely blissful. Then her men started moving hard and fast within her. In and out. Out and in. The tandem push-pull movements in her pussy and ass fired her libido right back to peak levels again.

The three of them were all moaning and panting, but they found a rhythm that suited them all. Each thrust from Chet and Randall got a little bit harder and a little bit faster.

Without any warning, Brianna climaxed once more. A small scream escaped her satisfied lips. Pulsing pleasure then squeezed Chet’s cock in clenching movements within her pussy walls. He also stiffened, grunted, and fucked her hard for several thrusts just like he did each time he came. As if Chet’s climax precipitated Randall’s, he also became rigid against her back and growled in pleasure.

Huddled together in post-lovemaking bliss, both Chet and Randall kissed her face tenderly until the lights went down.

They’d promised there would be no applause. She didn’t want it. And no one did, but before the lights went down, Brianna saw several very lust-filled looks sent their way from the audience. That was all the praise she needed.

Once the three of them shuffled off the stage in limp, wobbly satisfaction and made their way to the dressing room, Brianna was the first to enter.

On her impromptu makeup table for tonight’s performance sat a five-foot-high gold, silver, and diamond-encrusted trophy with her name on it. Squealing in delight, Brianna rushed forward to read the gold square label centered at the base of the huge trophy.

For Brianna Macalister, first ever DRMC female ménage sex performance. First-place grand prize beauty winner of the first order.

She wondered if she’d ever have the nerve to show her mother this award. She laughed out loud in joy. A ménage sex performance onstage likely wasn’t what Brianna’s mother had in mind as she’d trotted her through so many beauty contest pageants during her childhood.

Brianna, however, loved the gesture. She especially enjoyed finally receiving a first-place trophy even if it was for basically enjoying a rousing night of unforbidden pleasure during double penetration sex onstage.