Unbridled and Unforbidden(3)

By: Elle Saint James

“Well, I do. I don’t want anyone to see me. I don’t want anyone to know my business. I can’t imagine a ménage trio would be completely accepted in town.”

“You never know. Perhaps there are more of them around here than you think.”

“Just all your friends. I know you have other men who do this, but Main Street in a small town is not the place I want to discuss it or the fact that I’m seeing both of you. Okay?”

Chet nodded. So did Randall.

“I already almost slip now and again and mention your names after we meet. I don’t want to become so comfortable that I ever utter your names on any kind of a regular basis and accidentally out the three of us.”

Chet smiled. This was usually her reasoning. She worried about them. Chet’s ranch hands and Randall’s veterinary clients were at the top of her worries, but she also had a feed store business in town. She depended on local support. He did understand her concerns.

Well, he did sometimes. It was more difficult when she was naked, wrapped around one of them, and recently satisfied, like she was right now. Mostly he wished everyone in town would mind their own beeswax and let them enjoy each other without fear of gossip and reprisal.

Randall said, “What if I told you that I don’t care if anyone in town finds out? You’re keeping company with both me and Chet and we all have very satisfying, unforbidden sex together. It’s no one else’s business what we do. We’re adults, right? We have an unusual sex life, we’re damn lucky we found each other, and the truth is, I’m tired of hiding my feelings for you in public.”

“Well, I’m sorry. But that’s just not the way small towns work. They view ménage sex as extremely forbidden territory.” She turned to Randall. “And you’re a veterinarian. You have a practice that you’ve worked hard to build. I don’t want our unusual lifestyle to ruin that for you.”

Randall tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “You won’t ruin anything, sweetheart. Where else will people take their horses and cows? I’m the only large-animal vet within a hundred-mile radius of town.”

She put her chin on her folded hands. “Still, I don’t want there to be salacious rumors flying around the streets of our town about the three of us and our sexual practices.”

Chet traded a gaze with Randall. “What if we had a place to meet on a regular basis where no one from town could find out we were a threesome?”

“Great. Where would that be?” She scoffed, but they had something brewing. They’d debated telling her about it, but now seemed like a good time. They exchanged a glance and Chet decided to spill the beans.

“We’re having a meeting with some like-minded men and our friends regarding this very lifestyle. We are thinking about starting our own men’s club locally.”

“A men’s club? Really?” Her dubious tone came through loud and clear. “Then you won’t need me or want me anymore. You’ll have plenty of girls jiggling around poles and onstage to fulfill you.”

“No. No. Not true.” Chet hadn’t expected her to think they wanted to get rid of her.

“The truth is, we only want you, Brianna. That’s all we’ve ever wanted.”

“The men’s club we desire to be a part of would include a way for the three of us to meet in a secluded place where like-minded others lived. No judgment on our lifestyle would take place.”

A doubtful expression appeared on her lovely face. “How would it work? Where will you go for this men’s club?”

“Not exactly sure yet. Buying a hotel building and only allowing members to stay was an idea, but it might be harder to be private if the building is in town. The most popular idea is buying a large piece of land and setting up our own members-only, privately accessed way of life. We’d live like those in an upscale gated community. However, to gain access, only threesomes would be allowed.”

“I see.” She pondered this for several minutes. “Well, it’s a great idea. And while I’m not opposed, even if you started tomorrow I’d imagine it will still take some time to put these ideas into practical motion. And even longer before we’d be able to share a regular private place together, unseen from the town’s prying gaze.”