Unbridled and Unforbidden(4)

By: Elle Saint James

“Yes. However, in the meantime, we’ll hire an exclusive security person dedicated only to keeping our lifestyle private. Then we could maybe meet more often in various places provided and protected by the club.”

Brianna kissed him passionately. When she broke away she said, “It’s a very nice notion, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t join you. However, there is still the thing you both want me to do that I’m not exactly comfortable with.”

Chet and Randall traded another look, but remained silent. Up to now that thing she wasn’t keen on hadn’t been a viable possibility anyway beyond the three of them watching each other. That thing was exhibitionism.

With this new endeavor likely to be approved soon, it would be a probability. In fact, each of the other pairs of men had insisted it was one of the most important aspects of the club. Exhibitionism and voyeurism combined with double penetration ménage sex being performed live and out in the open was the pinnacle of their proposed lifestyle. Each of the members would be provided an opportunity to perform a live sex act onstage.

“I’m not even sure I’m ready for anyone to watch me have sex with the two of you. Let alone a performance on a stage.”

Randall’s eyes squinted. “Where’d you hear about sex up on a stage?”

“One of you mumbled that desire a long time ago during some sleepy-time pillow talk. I haven’t ever forgotten.”

Chet hugged her. “The truth is, that’s not even a deal breaker.”

She stiffened in his arms. “I don’t believe you.”

“I swear to you. I wouldn’t lie.” Sure, he wanted the three of them up on a stage one day showing off their love for one another, but he told the truth when he said it wasn’t a deal breaker. He loved her. He wanted to stay with her. Whatever it cost.

She pushed out a long breath. “You wouldn’t mean to. I just think you’ll change your mind once this perfect private gated land you have proposed becomes available. I have no doubt the first structure will include a stage for performances.”

“We aren’t going to require you to do it on the first day. Besides, who said anything about a stage? And another thing, I never mumble,” Randall groused. “But I may have mentioned the three of us fucking in front of others.”

“Audience. Stage. Whatever. It’s pretty much the same thing, right?” she asked.

“Although, up on a stage. You know, that’s not a bad idea,” Randall said jokingly. “What’s wrong with being onstage, anyway?”

“Now for me, that goes back to a time in my childhood I’d like to forget about.” Brianna sighed. “I always hated being onstage because my mother wanted me to be something I knew I wasn’t.”

“We just want to love you. We want a place for the three of us to be together without nosy gossip following us around.”

She brushed a hand down his face gently. “I know.” She smiled. “I’ll keep it in mind. Just give me some time to adjust.”

“Take all the time you need.”

Chet had many desires where Brianna was concerned. Getting her on a stage between them was only one thing in a long list of things he wanted to do with her.

At the top of his list was to marry her so that the three of them could live happily ever after. Maybe once the men’s club was formed, his fondest wish would come true.

* * * *

Clayton Forrester shifted in his seat slightly, trying not to seem like he was fidgeting. He didn’t want to come across as weak even though most days that was how he felt. His spirit might be broken, but he needed to move forward or die. He truly wanted this security job for the proposed men’s club. Needed it. At one time, this job was pretty much a lock for him. But then something had happened that changed everything in his life. Flashes of the recent horrific accident came into his mind unbidden before he could stop it or prepare.

Blood-soaked, mangled pieces of metal and shattered glass suddenly darted across his mind in vivid Technicolor. The two most important people in his life gone in an instant. Without warning. My fault. Stop it.

He inhaled sharply to dispel the vision and the direction those thoughts would naturally go. The aftermath. The sorrow. The supreme guilt of survival. His too-loud intake of breath apparently caught the attention of one of his would-be employers. He was also a good friend.