Unbridled and Unforbidden

By: Elle Saint James

Prequel to The Double Rider Men's Club

Small-town store owner Brianna Lawrence enjoys a carefree ménage relationship with rancher Chet Macalister and veterinarian Dr. Randall Clark. They’ve kept their unbridled passion secret, meeting infrequently to keep gossips from finding out.

When they invite her to perform ménage sex onstage for the Double Rider Men’s Club, she balks due to her beauty inadequacy. The idea of getting onstage with the two men she loves is a sexy idea, but Brianna fears they could do better.

Enduring endless beauty pageants as a teen only garnered her fourth place. She doesn’t need more Miss Congeniality awards. She should just let them go.

Chet and Randall want to marry her, but they’ve kept permanence out of their conversations so she won’t run. When this relationship started, their sexual trysts were only meant for fun, not forever.

Will choosing the DRMC mean losing the only woman they’ve ever loved?

Chapter One


“Fuck me. Do it harder. Faster.” Brianna’s sultry, whispered voice emboldened Chet to do exactly what she asked. He thrust his hips forward and sunk his cock deeper, harder, and faster inside her sweet, tight pussy. With each slick penetration, he was on the edge of a primal climax, waiting only to hear her shriek in orgasm first. He loved the feel of her pussy clenching on him when she came. It gave him the most amazing rush of pleasure. Usually he didn’t last very long after she climaxed.

Especially not since his best friend Randall Clark watched him fuck her. Next up, Randall would take a turn fucking Brianna while Chet watched. It was another of his very favorite pastimes. Later on, the double penetration sex would commence. The evening that had only just begun would be a night full of many triple pleasures.

Positioned behind the woman he loved, Chet tightened his hands on her hips to push inside of her even harder. She always liked it hard. Always said, “Harder, Faster,” sometime during the occasion they were all together. He smiled to himself, took a deep breath. The scent of sex permeated the air surrounding them. Limbs almost visibly shaking from the exertion, Chet pumped his cock deep and hard into her slick, hot body.

Hands balanced on the edge of the bed, Brianna seemed to brace herself for his passionate onslaught. She gripped the sheets, the white of her fingers showing the tension against the blue fabric.

“Time for me to join in yet?” Randall asked. “I think she needs her nipples sucked on.” Chet’s best friend was lounging on the bed watching them have sex. They liked taking turns watching at first. Later, they’d both have her at the same time. But for now they took turns pleasuring her with singular intent.

“Yes,” Brianna cried. “Touch me, Randall. Suck on my nipples. I’m so close. Feels so good.”

Randall slid closer to the edge and reached an arm out. Chet didn’t see where his hand went, but assumed he found her clit immediately by the way her hips jerked hard against him in reaction. Brianna moaned and her head lowered. The bulk of her shiny, long, dark hair slid over one slim shoulder.

Chet pushed his cock all the way inside her pussy again quickly. He was on the very edge of gratification. Running a few sports stats through his head kept him from losing it.

Brianna stiffened suddenly and cried out. The moment her pussy clamped down on his cock, signaling her release, Chet let loose. He thrust his cock deeply as her pussy tightened around him. A satisfying rush of pleasure circled his balls and shot out the end of his cock. He roared Brianna’s name and came so hard he thought he might lose consciousness.

The rhythmic feel of Brianna’s pussy continued squeezing him. Before long, she buckled and fell onto Randall, who was now flat on the bed. “Hello, my sweet,” he said as she settled on his chest, breathing hard. Chet leaned over and kissed the center of her back.

“You’re amazing,” he whispered. He then pulled away from her and staggered to the bathroom.

When he returned, Randall rested beneath Brianna. Hand buried in her long tresses and holding her head, Randall kissed her like he never wanted to let her go. Chet understood that.

Brianna shifted her hips over Randall’s cock. She sank down hard on him all of a sudden. His friend groaned and his hips bucked upward as she sheathed his cock inside her pussy.