Unwanted Sacrifices (Russkaya Mafiya Book 3)

By: Sapphire Knight


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As I gaze into the mirror secured to the old, wooden bedroom door, I concentrate on the reflection in front of me. My body is fairly large, toned to what some may think of as perfection. My blond hair is cropped short so I don’t have to mess with it. I have tiny scars decorating different parts of my body; but they’re small, so not bad. For the most part, I’d say I look pretty good.

My chest swells as I think of how my mother’s kind eyes would look at me if she were here. I know she’d be very pleased with me—her strong boy. I’m no longer a small, scared little one, but a solid man.

Yes, she would be proud of her Nikoli.

Nodding to myself, my gaze travels lower, fixating on the dark grey weapon secured in the holster at my waist. My mother would not be delighted with that, however.

“Blondie?” My self-assessment is interrupted by the quiet, sweet voice coming from a little pixie of a woman, Sabrina.

We’ve been friends for many years, and I’ve always cared for her. At first, it was in a big brother, protective sort of way, but over the years as I’ve watched her grow into a stunning young woman, my feelings for her have changed into something much more than a sibling or boyhood crush. Now, she encompasses my every thought it seems. Well, besides the times when I’m remembering my mother and sisters—may their souls rest in peace.

Sabrina grew up in a very strict lifestyle, completely opposite of me. However, her family traveled in the same circles as mine. They’ve always been wealthy, too, where I wasn’t; at least, not until I became a valuable asset to the Mafiya.

After years of knowing her in passing, her family packed up and brought her to America. I believed back then that I would never get to see her again and was pretty upset about it. I hadn’t exactly made a move to stake my claim on her, so I just tried to get past it.