Victorian Bride:A Moment In Time #2

By: Lexy Timms


Remember enough of the past… You may be able to control the future.

She shouldn’t be here… She doesn’t even know how she got here.

There is always the dream. Mya can’t recall all the details, but it wakes her up at night in a cold sweat with fear sending her heart racing.

Mya wakes in a bed she doesn’t recognize, in a house she doesn’t know. A woman tells her that they found her in their fields and have been taking care of her. As she gazes out the window, she sees a stag. A brilliant beast, white fur and strong, large antlers.

She also finds a scar on her shoulder that she doesn’t remember getting.

A grown woman with no memory, no family, no money.

Kayden McGregor, a Scotsman who seems more a Highlander, owns an estate near where she is staying. When they meet, there is a fire between the two of them—and it’s impossible to tell if it’s fury or passion.

She resents him. He can’t bear to look at her. Or stop himself from staring when Mya pretends not to notice. Trapped, and yet somehow destined to be together.

“You were made to be with me, as I was made to love you. No moment in time can take that away from us.”


Mya ran.

Behind her ribs she could feel the beat of her heart, steady and strong. Her legs pumped, carrying her, swift and easy. The sensation of air flowing over her skin and filling her lungs made her light. Beside her, she could feel another presence, matching her stride. They ran for the joy of it, just because they could, and it filled her up, overflowing in her chest. She bounded over a rock, and he jumped at her side.

Her footing faltered.

Mya stumbled. Something in her body shifted, and her feet became clumsy. Her legs would not obey her commands. The world looked strange around her, seen through eyes that were unfamiliar. She managed to catch herself before falling. It took a moment but she was able to start moving again.

Overhead, thunder crashed, unrolling itself across the clouds with a deep, displeased rumble. Lightning forked down, burning the skeletons of trees across the backs of her eyelids in silhouette. Her companion was gone. He hadn’t stumbled. He’d run ahead, and in the darkness she had lost him. She ran on alone, because she had to. Fear drove her forward. There was no time, and she could not remember what she searched for.

Rain fell, sharp as needles. It pricked against her skin and chilled her through. To her left, she could hear the sound of surf falling against shoreline, violent and ragged as the wind that drove it. She shivered, and pushed her stumbling legs forward. Wet hair tumbled into her eyes and clung to her cheeks, obstructing her vision. She reached up to push it back.

Thunder boomed, and the earth split. The ground went out from under her feet.

Mya fell.

There was nothing for her grasping hands to catch. Only emptiness beneath her, and pain. Stabbing. Tearing. Pain that ripped through her chest and left her gasping in shock, struggling to breathe. Worse than anything she’d ever experienced. Enough pain to tear a heart. It burned along her veins.

A scream forced its way up from the depths of her, but no sound escaped, all the air gone from her lungs, her throat tight.

The pain dragged her up toward the light.

She woke.

Chapter 1

Mya came slowly up from the depths of unconsciousness.

Her first awareness was of quiet. Her ears rang with echoes of thunder she didn’t remember. She let her senses roam outward, trying to determine her position without opening her eyes. There was something soft beneath her. A bed, maybe. The warmth of a heavy blanket covered her.

She took a deep breath, smelling clean linen, and the faint scent of cooking drifting into the room from somewhere else. For a moment, she simply lay still, basking in the peace of it. That didn’t last long.

There was something whispering at the back of her mind. A worry that she couldn’t quite put a name to. When she tried to reach for it, the warning slid further from her reach. The last vestiges of a dream, maybe, lingering at the edges of her thoughts before the daylight melted it away completely. It was not enough to aid her, in any case. Mya shook off the concern and opened her eyes to discover her surroundings.

The room wasn’t what she had expected. Though what, exactly, she had thought it would be, she couldn’t have explained. Smaller, maybe. Some part of her had thought it would be… Not this. She couldn’t pinpoint more than that.