Villains Don't Train Heroes!(3)

By: Mia Archer

“Say what? That you don’t use this ridiculous control thingy you’re insisting I use?”

“No. The bit about saving the city.”

I felt a hand touch my cheek. I looked up. Saw her smiling at me, and that smile was always enough to make me melt.

“But that’s what you do,” she said. “You’ve saved the city a couple of times now. Like it or not, that’s who you are.”

“You’re rubbing off on me in all the wrong ways,” I growled.

And then she was right up against me. I looked down at her in one of my custom designed suits. I’d done it up in her colors, and the effect was nothing short of breathtaking. It was even more breathtaking with the way she pressed up against me.

Talk about distracting.

“If you’re trying to distract me from training you then you’re…”

“Absolutely on the right track?” she asked, a huge grin splitting her face.

“Maybe,” I admitted.



I stopped to think about just how much I wanted to let her distract me. On the one hand I’d promised her that I was going to whip her into fighting shape again. That I was going to use every bit of technological savvy I had to make sure she was every bit the hero she’d been before the incident with Dr. Lana had robbed her of her powers.

Weird. I barely felt a skittering of guilt running across my conscience when I thought of that moment now. Sure I still felt bad, but at the same time I’d come to accept that she knew the risks when she went into that fight.

It helped that I’d also realized she could still be the hero she once was. Even if it was going to take a little bit of assistance from me. Even if the technology I had was nothing compared to what she’d been able to do in her prime.

Assuming she learned how to actually use this stuff and not just barrel into situations and hope her powers would be enough to save her cute ass.

“You know you’re never going to learn anything if…”

I was interrupted by her finger moving up to my lips. There was a twinkle in her eyes. A twinkle I knew all too well. A twinkle that had distracted me on more than one occasion, and it was clear she was going to try and get out of this particular lesson by distracting me with the sexy.

Not that I minded being distracted with the sexy. It’s just that there was real work that had to be done here and…

“You’re bad. You know that, right?” I asked.

“Maybe I am,” she said, her breath hot against me. “But I think you love it.

She was right on that count. My toes were already curling and her lips weren’t even pressing against mine. If she kept this up for much longer then…

And sure enough she was leaning up. Her lips puckered up and her eyes closed. I found myself leaning in without really thinking about how I was letting her get out of her work.

I was losing it. Losing it wasn’t good. I needed to train her, damn it.

A shield popped up between us at the last moment. Fialux bounced off of it with a surprised grunt.

“What the…”

I’d barely managed to put up one of my directional shields in time. Fialux looked supremely surprised to see the shield there between us, and she arched an eyebrow.

“Isn’t that one of those things you only use when something life-threatening is coming at you?”

“Something like that,” I said.

“And you consider me kissing you life-threatening?” she asked. “Do I need to brush my teeth or something? I mean I know I had that everything bagel yesterday, but I figured…”

I smiled. I couldn’t help it. She was so cute when she got like this. Besides, it was nice to know I could frustrate her, because she’d been frustrating me an awful lot with her constant attempts to get out of her training.

“It’s nothing like that,” I said. “But not training properly could be potentially life-threatening. You remember what happened the last time you tried to use some of my equipment out in the wild, right?”

Her face fell. Yeah, she totally remembered the last time she tried using some of my equipment. We’d tried fighting off a couple of giant robots rampaging through the city, and the end result hadn’t been pretty.