Villains Don't Train Heroes!(4)

By: Mia Archer

Tried was the operative word there.

“What does that have to do with me kissing you?” she asked. “I promise I brushed my teeth and I used mouthwash after I got done eating that bagel!”

My mouth compressed to a thin line. I’d been pretty sure she’d had something like that to eat yesterday. I swear. This girl had an iron stomach even if she had lost all of her powers.

I couldn’t eat stuff like that without my stomach twisting up into knots. I couldn’t smell the remains of something like that on someone’s breath without my stomach twisting into knots, for that matter.

Maybe it was a good thing I’d put up that shield. The last thing I needed was to lose my lunch after kissing her because she liked disgusting spices on her food.

“Yes, well the point is you’re trying to kiss me to distract me from training you, and you really need to learn how to use this stuff. What happens if you go out there trying to use these toys and you don’t actually have the experience to use them? What happens if you don’t have me there to pull your bacon out of the frying pan?”

She stalked off to the other side of the flight room and I heard her saying a couple of choice things about the chastity of my mother that I’m not going to repeat, but I kept my peace.

After all, my mother did have to have questionable chastity on at least one occasion if I was here, right? There was a certain elegant logic to her litany of swear words, even if it wasn’t exactly nice.

She took a deep breath. Held out the control box in her fist. Elevated into the air, and zipped across the room. Right towards me.

“That’s it! Let the hate flow through you!” I shouted.

“If you think references are going to save your ass when I get you you’re sorely mistaken!” she shouted back.

I wasn’t sure I needed references to save me. Usually all I had to do was stand in place and wait for her to go flying around me. Ooh, that was good. I could use that.

“I figure I’m safe as long as you’re aiming for me!” I shouted.

Her eyes narrowed. Oh yeah, that pissed her off. Her fist clenched in front of her and she let out a scream.

I didn’t think it was necessarily appropriate for her to always be coming at me with her fist outstretched like that, screaming in a rage, but then again if taking out a little bit of her frustration on me because she had a problem with my teaching methods was enough to get her to actually do what needed to be done then I’d take it.

I watched without much in the way of real fear, maybe just a touch of PTSD worry from all the times she’d come at me like that when she was a real danger, as she darted across the room, fist outstretched, face contorted in the sort of rage that only comes from a student frustrated with a teacher for giving out what they consider an unfair homework assignment.

Sure enough there was no cause for me to be too worried. That look of pure fury turned to a look of pure surprise and terror as she started to lose control and went flying through the air again, the shields kicking up just in time to stop her from really hurting herself as she smashed into various parts of the flight lab.

I sighed. We were going to be at this for awhile.

I glanced at the Starlight City News Network feed in the heads up display I maintained in a special set of contact lenses. They let me keep tabs on the world without getting Fialux too distracted.

Like almost everyone from our generation the appearance of a screen was enough to immediately pull her away from whatever she was doing.

I frowned as I looked at the feed. A giant irradiated lizard was attacking the city, and it was really giving things a walloping. As I watched it clawed the facade of an all glass tower and the destruction was nothing short of spectacular.

Not my problem, but it could become my problem if Fialux found out about the damn thing. Which is one reason why the news feed was strictly isolated to my contacts right now.

Something whooshed past me. I blinked and looked at Fialux screaming as she slammed against the wall yet again. I guess while I’d been distracted by the giant monster attacking the city I hadn’t noticed her coming at me.


I closed down the SCNN news feed. It’s not like there was ever anything interesting that happened during those giant lizard attacks. Mostly it was an opportunity for the military to prance around and show off all the toys they never got a chance to show off otherwise since there were no other hyperpowers in the world stupid enough to take them on.