Violet In Lace

By: Vivienne Hunt

Chapter One


“Breathe, Violet, you can do this.” Wrapped in a fluffy, blue terry cloth towel, Violet Smoke stood in front of her closet, frowning at her limited choices. Her skin was a rosy pink from the shower, and her wet, brunette hair dripped down her back. She couldn’t believe it had been over a decade since she had last interviewed for a new job. Well, technically she already had the new job, thanks to one of her best pals. Russell Scott was a lead designer for a sexy, new lingerie boutique in Buckhead, Georgia, called Chenille. When Violet had fallen on hard times, Russell had stepped up, throwing her a lifeline when she needed one the most.

Hard times. Ha! Violet thought.

It was the understatement of the year, or more accurately, two years. She was still recovering from an unexpected layoff at work that coupled with twenty-four months’ worth of a messy, expensive, drawn-out divorce, and her bank account was looking as tired as she felt. All she had to do was make it through these last thirty days, and then the town house that she was currently standing in would be hers. Chadwick would be nothing but a bad memory.

Chadwick Milton Hedges. Even just thinking his name twisted her stomach into knots.

“One foot in front of the other, stop thinking about him.” She was talking out loud to herself again. It was a habit that she had developed over the past two years, which were largely spent in and out of mitigation or in endless meetings with lawyers who were delighted to squeeze her for every billable hour they could.

She tucked the towel tighter around her voluptuous breasts before it threatened to fall to the bedroom floor - not that there was anyone there to appreciate her figure. Chad had lost interest years before he had asked — no, demanded — that they get a divorce. He was a lawyer, and an outstanding one at that, who spent all of this time at his firm in Midtown. Violet had had suspicions that he was banging one of his paralegals for some time now, but she had long run out of money to hire a PI to prove it. The town house was all she had left. Violet desperately wanted to keep it, hoping that someday she would date the right man who would come home with her, fuck her silly in every room of the house, and maybe, just maybe, she could learn to love again.

Absently she caressed her ample cleavage.

Damn it, she was horny.

Sex with Chad had never been mind-blowing. Hell, it had barely bordered on great. Okay, it had been mediocre at best, but there were only so many lonely nights that her Ms. Bunny vibrator could handle before even its batteries had had enough. She missed the hot, hard body of male flesh, the wet kisses, the little bites. . .

Violet squeezed her thighs together. “Focus,” she reprimanded her closet of clothes as if they were responsible for her present predicament.

Her cell rang on the nightstand; the screen read Russell Scott, and she grinned while swiping at the answer button.

“Good morning, darling!” Russell gushed from the other side before she could get a word out.

“Mornin’, Russell,” Violet replied, less than chipper.

“How’s my gal today? All ready to meet the boss man?” Russell sang out, sounding way too energetic.

“Uhm . . . well . . . I’m . . .” Violet stammered.

“Girl, do not even tell me you haven’t dressed yet!”

“I was working on it!” she mocked offense.

“Missy, you have exactly one hour to squeeze that fine booty of yours into something fabulous. Dylan’s meeting us for coffee before work, and traffic is going to get nasty if you don’t get a move on!”

“Okay! Okay! I’m on it. I will see you in an hour.” Violet laughed at Russell’s punctuated admonishment.

“Mmm hmm . . . and remember to put on something fine, girl; I have a reputation to uphold!” Russell made kissy noises into the phone before hanging up.

Violet did the same before tossing it onto the bed. Stripping off her towel, she vigorously dried her hair, wondering what she owned that constituted “fine and fabulous” without coming off completely slutty yet still could be considered sexy.

“That’s it!” she exclaimed, snapping her fingers.

Perusing over of her clothes, she settled on a deep-red, Ashley Graham, lace, corset bra with matching panties, a silky, black blouse with a white belt, and a flared baby-doll skirt. Black stockings and her favorite pair of Coach Smith pumps completed her look.