Ways Of The Wicked (The Noru Series, Book 5)(140)

By: Lola StVil

Marcus turns his attention to Ameana and says, “Mina, can we talk?” There’s something in the way he says her name. It bothers me. Then it bothered me that it bothers me.

She leads the way and he follows her into her room. Why can’t they talk in front of the rest of us? Wasn’t all business talk done on the roof or in the living room? Why did he want to be alone with her? He said her name with such care….

I try hard not to look at Rio. I don’t need an angel mood ring to tell me what I’m feeling. I don’t want to know. I just want to get as far away as possible.

I tell myself it’s because I’m being hunted by the source of all evil. I tell myself it’s because the fate of the world rests on information I don’t have.

But when Reese lifts me up into his arms and Blinks me out of the house, the thing that I’m upset about isn’t Lucy or the end of the world. There’s only one thing that upsets me: He said her name with such care….

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