Ways Of The Wicked (The Noru Series, Book 5)(2)

By: Lola StVil

Then he threw me away.

I can feel the flood of tears making its way into my eyes. I hold them back and take a moment to remind myself why I am here. I didn’t come to go down memory lane. I didn’t come to relive the night we spent together. I came with a job to do and I fully intend to do it. I pop the Snap into my mouth.

A Snap is a gumball-like candy that gives you temporary powers. There are different kinds. Some of them can make you fast or give you extra strength. This one allows you to breathe fire. I take a deep breath and exhale a sea of flames from my lips.

The first thing to go up in flames is the bed—our bed. The fire then spreads to the walls and then the ceiling. I fly out the window and allow myself one look back. Rosalyn, the gorgeous house that stood as a symbol of Aaden’s love for me, burns to the ground.

So, what do you do after you set fire to the house you and your ex once shared? Why, yes—drink!

I head to North Carolina, where the latest Chop Shop is being held. It’s on top of a mountain with dense acres of trees and wildlife. The crowd is particularly excited tonight since we are only a few miles from downtown Asheville.

In Asheville there are a slew of shops that can be found selling everything from Snaps to poisonous herbs. It’s the mecca for Healers, Sellers, and stoned human hippies. When I enter, I can tell nearly everyone picked up a little something downtown before coming to the Chop Shop. They are far more out of control than they were previous nights.


I look around the crowded bar and see shadowy figures surrounding us. They are called Shadow Servants. You just signal to them and they will bring you the latest pills, potions, and drinks. Anything and everything you could possibly need to alter your sense of reality. For the next few hours, I drink and dance myself into a wonderful stupor.

It’s two in the morning and the party is just getting started when someone grabs me from behind. I turn and see the Para looking back at me.

“They sent me to come find you,” the angel says as he looks me over.

“You make it sound like I’m lost,” I reply with a smile as I guzzle down the drink in my hand.

“Are you?” he asks.

“Nope! I know exactly where I am,” I counter as I raise my hand in the air and move to the hypnotic bass of the song playing.

“That’s not the general consensus,” he replies.

“It never is.”


“Yes, Para?”

“I’m supposed to find you and take you home.”

“I LOVE THIS SONG!” I scream as I work my way further onto the dance floor.

He follows me and calls out to me, but the music is so loud now, I have no idea what he’s saying. I’m actually glad I can’t hear him because I have found that guys talk way too much lately.

“You’re supposed to be the responsible one, remember?” he shouts into my ear.

“Is someone on the team bleeding, crying, or dead?” I shout.


“Then back off.”

“Pryor, I don’t—”

“Look, I don’t care if you are royalty or not. I came here because this is where I want to be right now. So join in or go home,” I reply as I knock back three shots of Coy Dark from the Shadow Servant passing drinks around.

“C’mon, don’t make me be that guy. I hate that guy,” the Para says.

“Then drink up!” I offer.

“This could go wrong,” he warns me.

“Let’s hope!” I reply, laughing.

“How much have you had to drink?”

“More than I should, less then I want. But I can fix that,” I inform him as I take the tray of drinks from the latest Shadow Servant crossing my path.

“You can’t drink all of that. You need to come home,” he assures me.

“So is this what you’re really like? Are you a closet ‘hero’?” I ask.


“Good, because what they don’t tell you about heroes is that their lives suck balls. Seriously, it’s the biggest scam going.”

“This is all because of ‘you-know-who’?” he asks.

“He’s not Lord Voldemort. You can say his name.”

“Fine, this is all because of Silver?”

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