Ways Of The Wicked (The Noru Series, Book 5)(3)

By: Lola StVil

“I don’t give two shits about Silver. All I want to do is have a little fun. Wait, make that a lot of fun. If everyone on the team is alive, why can’t I?”

“I think they’re worried that you’re…losing it,” he cautions.

“Silly Para, I never had ‘it’ in the first place.” I laugh.

“If I don’t take you back, I’m going to hear it from them.”

“Okay, if you can keep up with me, I’ll come home with you. Actually, maybe I’ll come home with you anyway,” I reply with a sly smile.

“You can’t come home with me.”

“Why? I’m not good enough for your castle?”

“It’s more complicated than that,” he says.


“Pryor,” he shouts.

“Look, you want me to go back home, then drink up!”

“And if I manage to keep up, you’ll come back to New York with me?”

“Yes, Mom.”

We summon a string of Shadow Servants. They stand before us with endless trays of shot glasses. I quickly down six shots of anger flavored Coy Dark. It’s spicy, bitter, and burns on the way down. I gasp and shiver with delight as the warm sensation works its way down my body. He shakes his head, but there’s a little smile behind his eyes.

I think the Para is going to enjoy this.

He does exactly as I do. He downs six shots and then adds an additional three. I match him and add an extra two shots for good measure. Pretty soon, we’re drinking without counting and getting more daring by the drink. I’m happy here in the middle of the heated, packed dance floor surrounded by other beings that don’t give a damn about anything. In fact, this shit is better than being in the light.

Hell, this feels so good, it might as well be the light.

He warns me again that the right thing to do is to let him take me home. I remind him that right and wrong are relative. I then dance away from him and head back to the bar. He follows me. I decide to push the limit and see just how far he’s willing to go to win our little game.

On the bar stands a bowl of black and white balls the size of marbles. The marbles are called Toss Balls. Toss does the opposite of Snaps. It takes away your powers for a few seconds. It’s no fun diving off a mountain if you have wings to get you safely to the bottom. So to add to the risk factor, angels place a Toss in their mouths and their wings are gone for three seconds.

If an angel is feeling brave, he can take three of them and be without his wings for nearly ten seconds. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but when you’re hurtling towards the ground, ten seconds is an eternity.

I pop a Toss into my mouth. My wings suddenly disappear. He’s about to object, but I shrug, signaling he’s going to lose our game. He smiles back, signaling he’s not ready to lose. He pops a Toss into his mouth, letting me know he’s serious about getting me back home. Not long after, both our wings reappear.

I was going to pop another one in my mouth, but then I look towards the exit of the bar and an idea springs to mind. Before he can stop me, I grab a handful of Toss and run outside onto the edge of the mountain. He runs after me.

“Hey, um…that’s not a good idea,” he warns.

“Really?” I ask, playing dumb.

“Seriously, Pryor, you have over ten Toss Balls in your hand. You cannot take them all at the same time. You will be without your wings for over thirty seconds. This is a very bad decision,” he shouts.

“Good, ’cause those are the only kinds I know how to make,” I reply as I pop all of the Toss Balls into my mouth.

“Pryor, don’t!”

My wings disappear; I open my arms, smile, and free-fall backwards off the mountain.

“Fuck!” he shouts as he leaps off the side of the mountain after me.

I feel the air slipping through my fingers and the sky above gets further and further away. I scream with sheer exhilaration as I fall down to the Earth. I’m halfway to the ground and my wings have not shown up yet. I laugh the whole time.

Shit, this feels good!

He flies down to try to catch up to me, but I’m falling too fast for him. My wings are still nowhere to be found. Beautiful. I will die in the air. Sounds good to me.

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