Ways Of The Wicked (The Noru Series, Book 5)

By: Lola StVil

Chapter One:

Chop Shop

Just as I land in front of the glass house, my cell phone rings. I look at the screen and find Randy’s face staring back at me. He’s been calling me for a while now. I send him to voicemail because I know what he wants. And as much as I love him, I am not in the mood to hang out with him and Key. In fact, I’m good with never coming face-to-face with a couple ever again.

Everyone tells me to hang in there and that I will soon feel better about Aaden breaking up with me. They tell me that time heals. They lied. It’s been months since I last saw Aaden and I feel just as broken as I did the night he dumped me. It turns out the only thing you can do with that kind of pain is find ways to push it aside.

The team is less than happy with the way I choose to deal with things. They want me to just keep going to school and act like nothing ever happened. I have a different plan. My plan is to do whatever the fuck I want so I won’t notice that half of me is missing.

In the past few weeks, I’ve killed countless demons, all but dropped out of school, and best of all, I have discovered Chop Shops. They are makeshift bars that pop up throughout the world. They are usually perched on top of mountains or skyscrapers. You can only find them if you know they are there.

Once you pay the entrance fee, you can drink, smoke, or get high for as long as you want. I don’t usually take the pills, given how awful Key’s life became once she got hooked. And my father always said getting hooked on drugs was the biggest mistake he ever made. That leaves me with drinking, and it turns out I’m really good at it.

However, my favorite part about Chop Shops isn’t the drinks or even the music. The part that I absolutely love is the crowd. They all mind their own damn business. When I enter, they don’t stop and stare so they can pass judgment on me.

They don’t compare me to my super-perfect parents or hold me to some impossible standard. They don’t gawk at me and whisper about my love life or lack thereof. They don’t shake their heads, wondering how it is I can be so powerful and yet so stupid.

As much as I hate to admit it, the fact is the angel world is right. I was stupid to fall for Aaden. But I’m not stupid anymore. And I will never allow myself to be taken in by Aaden or any other guy, ever again. I now understand that as a general rule, if a guy’s lips are moving, he’s lying.

That’s why I threw out the stupid hammer he gave me. I also deleted any and all texts from when we were dating. Or whatever the hell we were doing back then. I also vowed never to go to the section of the Green Mountains he rebuilt for me. And now I have one last thing to get rid of: the biggest monument to my failed relationship with Aaden.

I enter the password in the keypad and the door opens up. Right away I recall the conversations that we had the night he brought me here.

“Aaden, where are we?” I asked.

“Portland, Oregon.”

“What is this place? It’s beautiful.”

“This house is called Roslyn…”

I walk throughout the spectacular home and can’t help but marvel once again at its perfect views of the forest. The rich dark wood makes the house feel more like a home. I place my hand on the sofa where we sat together talking only a few months back. I told him things I had never spoken out loud before. And he reassured me that everything would be okay. He made it so that I could Recharge without any nightmares.

“This house is for us, for you and me, Pry. This place is a symbol of what is possible—a life after Malakaro…we need to know that there is something past him, something he can’t take away—our future. We have one, Pry, I promise you we do.”

Lies. Lies. Lies.

I slowly walk up the steps and pass the master bathroom where he bathed me and kissed all my problems away. I enter the bedroom with the pristine white sheets. Aaden and I made love here. I see it play out before me as if it’s happening now. He grazes my lips with his finger, kisses my collarbone, and ignites a frenzy of spine-tingling sensations when he places himself inside me.

He held me as if I were the most precious thing on Earth. He made me feel as if I were more important to him than his own life. His hold was protective and sincere. He made it safe to open up to him and so I did. I let down my guard and let him into my body, mind, and soul.

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