Well Written (Mountain Mastery #1)

By: Avery Gale

Chapter One

NATHAN LEDEK STARED at his laptop, disbelief hammering at his brain. Great Goddess, at this rate his head was going to explode. How? Who? When? While his mind struggled to decipher the logistics, his body was still lost in the author’s descriptions of ménage scenes so hot he’d needed to take more than one break. Where did the Ms. Keme Meadows learn so much about the lifestyle? Is she a sub? Has she been in a polygamous relationship? Or is this her fantasy?

Several weeks earlier, Nate had received a strange call from Tobi West. It was a safe bet any call from Tobi would venture outside the norm, but this one had been particularly odd. The feisty woman married to Kyle and Kent West had reluctantly given him a heads-up about the book she’d just finished reading. The call left him scratching his head. Calling to chat about an erotic novel she’d read would have been far enough out on the rim of the bell, but knowing her husbands had initiated the book report was especially baffling.

The West brothers were former Navy SEALs who’d returned to Texas and opened what quickly became one of the most popular and exclusive BDSM clubs in the country. They’d also quietly assembled a team of former Special Forces operatives who now contracted with Uncle Sam and other governments. They were selective about the missions they accepted, only stepping in when the money and cause suited them.

Flipping to the front cover of the book Tobi mentioned, Nate leaned back in his office chair as he scrutinized the images of the two men before shifting his focus to the woman between them. The men were obviously Native American, but the woman’s beauty defied being categorized. Everything about her appealed to him. The most exasperating thing was he felt like he knew her on some visceral level. Not possible. Stick with the facts.

Most troublesome was the fact the book included a barely disguised recounting of several of Nate’s and Taz’s missions as Navy Seals. He’d been so shocked the first time he’d read it he was sure he’d missed many of the details. Hell, he was going to have to read the damned thing again and make notes. Who the hell in his inner circle was talking?

He started making a mental spreadsheet, trying to connect the dots, and find the one name who could have known all those details. But he’d gotten so caught up in in the damned scorching BDSM scenes he’d lost track and been forced to start over—fucking twice. Holy hell, he needed to find out who wrote this damned book. Nate pushed back from his desk, looking at the large clock on the wall as he stormed out of the office he shared with Taz. It was still early and his brother would still be sleeping, but Nate wasn’t in the mood to wait.

Slapping his palm against the wall of the elevator, Nate paused while the biometric reader identified him and set the car swiftly in motion. He’d blanched when Phoenix Morgan told him what the enhanced system cost. But, since club members often used the elevator, the additional layer of security made it easy to keep unwanted visitors out of the private space he and his brother shared. The top floor of their converted warehouse had been transformed into a luxury apartment they rarely allowed outsiders into.

To the casual observer, the reader looked like a gold-plated seal bearing the club’s logo, but the high-tech device could easily be programed to identify any number of people. Right now, they’d only cleared three people to access the top floor—Taz, Nate, and the elderly woman they’d hired as a housekeeper when they first moved in. They’d teased Rosie about her name, the irony hadn’t been lost on her. She’d called them George and Elroy for the first year. Rosie spoiled them rotten, and both men dreaded the day she decided to retire.

Before the doors of the elevator slid all the way open, Nate shouldered his way into their spacious apartment and smiled at Rosie. “I don’t suppose by some twist of fate my brother’s out of bed yet?” It might have sounded like a question, but he knew from her eye-roll she hadn’t been particularly impressed with his rhetorical question. He grinned at her and said, “That’s what I figured, but thought I’d take a shot. Put on a cup of coffee, please. He’s going to be grumpy, and my news isn’t going to do anything to help.”